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David Finch To Draw DC’s New ‘Forever Evil’ Title

Bleeding Cool reports that a new title will be launching out of DC’s Villain Month called “Forever Evil”. The book is set for a weekly release throughout September. It was also reported that the series will be drawn by DC veteran, David Finch. As of right now, there is no word on who will be penning the series, but you can bet with Finch on as artist, it will be another big name.

Do you have any thoughts on who will be writing? What about the supposed event that is supposed to be spinning out of Villain Month? Do you think it will rival Marvel’s “Age of Ultron”?



  • Evan3

    @Lonmonster – This series actually sounds pretty great, I hope for a Bizarro themed issue as they are always pretty great. My question for you is why is Catwoman front and center? Hasn’t she essentially been a hero for the past two decades? Also, is Age of Ultron any good?

    • Lonmonster

      The artwork above isn’t actually a DC promo, it’s just what we’ve been using to banner articles about Villain Month… sorry to mislead. Age of Ultron is okay at best. Pretty typical Marvel event so I’d say save your money.

      • Evan3


        Will do – Thanks.
        That is too bad as Ultron has always been one of my favorite villains and it feels like years since he has gotten this much play.

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