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Director Locked For ‘Leprechaun’ Remake

According to TheWrap, Zach Lipovsky has been tapped to direct the remake of Leprechaun: Origins. Lipovsky was a contestant on the reality TV show “On The Air”, which ran for one season. The show, which was run by Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg, saw 16 contestants vying for a chance for a development deal with DreamWorks.

The upcoming Liongsate/WWE Studios produced film will star wrestler Hornswoggle as the villainous Leprechaun, originally made famous by actor Warwick Davis in the 1993 comedy/horror classic. Head on below for pictures of Lipovsky and Hornswoggle.

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  • djblack1313

    who wants this?

    • Kenzo

      Not me…

      • Aaron Emery

        LOL! I think it has to be one of the least desired remakes or reboots possible.

    • ill_mindedd

      only if warwick was on board.

  • DarrelDreadful

    Lmao this is going to be a hilarious fail

  • egaltt23


  • ill_mindedd

    i watch WWE all the time, hornswoggle cant act for shit. i really wish warwick would have been involved in this cause he made that character soooo fucking good. they already took freddy from robert englund, and now they’re taking leprechaun from warwick davis. what next big fuck up will when have in this horror genre? a pug playing CUJO??

  • dr.lamb

    I am really excited who is going to do the inevitable remake of Rumpelstiltskin now…

  • Golic

    let me get this straight…no one can get their shit together to produce a Hellraiser or Phantasm remake; but when it comes to Leperchaun, it’s full steam ahead! WTF?!?!?!?!

  • c-s-a78

    & here I thought the 1st one was very cheesy!!!LOL.

  • JArellano13

    One of the best comedy icons in horror hope it’s decent!

  • ThunderDragoon

    This is shit already with that “wrestler” attached.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Goddamn it… I really hope that other people are as furious as I am about this. As soon as the WWE was involved you KNOW it’s going to be some dumbed down mediocre garbage. Although, now that I ranted, I realize, “who really cares?”. I’ve been surprised that they were able to keep Warwick Davis on for as many shitty sequels as they did.
    Coming soon: Chinatown remake with Hulk Hogan! “Forget it, brother, it’s Chinatown”!

  • Zed-Kosnar

    I’m pretty sure the show was called “On The Lot”. Never saw any of the Leprechaun movies.. maybe some parts on TV, but that’s it..

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