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The ‘Depravity’ Of Katharine McPhee

Now that her TV series “Smash” has finished after a two season run, Katharine McPhee, pictured, is moving on to features as she’s attached to star in Depravity, reports Deadline.

The thriller was penned by Dennis Lehane with Paul Tamasy set to direct.

A group of roommates accidentally kill an innocent man they thought was a thrill killer. It sends the group into a world unhinged from any moral compass, one in which they may be forced to confront not only the evil around them but the evil within them as well. McPhee stars as a gorgeous twentysomething the group tries to scapegoat.

The film is being produced by Dorothy Aufiero and Todd Eckert.



  • DarrelDreadful

    This sounds like a sequel to the Sorority Row remake. Katharine Mcphee stars(?) as a gorgeous twentysomething(?) eh.. I smell a pg-13 crapfest.

  • coldblood

    You guys don’t want to know the depravity I’m thinking right now seeing her in that picture.

    • djblack1313

      coldblood, right?! lol. i’m gay and even I think she’s smokin’ HOT! 🙂

      • coldblood

        She’s the kind of woman that could make me write bad checks.

  • Slasher-Movie-Reviews

    I wasn’t much of a fan of Katherine McPhee till Smash. I loved that underrated show. Put her in something good and she can shine. Put her in something bad and you got Shark Night. I’m a little interested.

    • coldblood

      I’m a little interested in her playing Shark Night in my bed and I’ll make her face shine.

      I’m having way too much fun with this article.

  • minya

    Yum-yum, get me my lobster bib!

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