[Exclusive] Check Out The Wildly Inventive Sun Angle "Raspberry" Music Video Premiere - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Check Out The Wildly Inventive Sun Angle “Raspberry” Music Video Premiere



Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Portland, Oregon rockers Sun Angle to bring you their amazing animated music video for “Raspberry”. Painstakingly hand drawn by bassist Marius Libman over the course of several months, the video pays homage to some of the greatest scenes in 80’s sci-fi/horror, including Poltergeist, Total Recall, Videodrome, Scanners, Ghoulies, and much, much more.

“Raspberry” comes from the band’s debut album Diamond Junk, which was produced by Menomena‘s Danny Seim. You can purchase the album on iTunes or through the New Moss Records Store.

Head on below to check out this awesome video!

Libman elaborates, “Animation is, at it’s core, a psychedelic medium. And I think of the noise we make as a band as a kind of a musical non sequitur, so it seemed fitting to create a music video that expressed that same psychedelic break-away from linear logic in animated form.

Seeing these fantastical, often surreal moments as cartoons gives an oddly buffered yet intensified feel. Things that are almost grotesque-but-funny in their unnaturalness – the fevered face peeling in Poltergeist, the deadly application of a basketball in Deadly Friend, a newly appeared and gun-hungry orifice in Videodrome – are pushed further in both their uneasy hilarity and their grotesqueness at the same time.

Animation is also a medium best left to the obsessive – thankfully I fit the bill. I’d never animated a thing in my life before taking this on, and the overwhelming amount of time and effort that went in to its creation was more than I’d anticipated. After months of work and endless hours of painstaking frame by frame drawing, I’m thrilled to be done and excited to share the finished product.

Sun Angle tour dates:
5/30 EUGENE, OR @ Luckey’s
5/31 DAVIS, CA @ Sophia’s Thai Kitchen
6/1 SACRAMENTO, CA @ Bows & Arrows
6/2 PACIFICA, CA @ Winter’s Tavern
6/3 SANTA CRUZ, CA @ The Crepe Place
6/4 SAN DIEGO, CA @ Soda Bar
6/5 SANTA BARBARA, CA @ Warbler Records (4pm in-store)
6/5 SANTA BARBARA, CA @ Muddy Waters
6/6 LOS ANGELES, CA @ El Cid

Sun Angle on-line:
Web Store

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