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Review: ‘ Colonized’ #3

Floating aliens and militiamen towing caskets full of weaponry is one image I never could have imagined. Zombies taking over the town and the only solution lies in a train full of explosives? What else can you strap into this miniseries? Things are getting dire and dicey indeed in Colonized #3.

WRITTEN BY: Chris Ryall
ART BY: Drew Moss
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: 5 June 2013

The zombie and alien invasion has taken over the small community of Carbon Falls. The remaining townsfolk and its leaders are scrambling to save what they worked so hard to build. The irony of being a self-sustained commune is that you can’t call for help. Town leader Hux drags friend Jerrold and alien ally Bemis to one place they did not expect to find solutions to their growing problems: the graveyard. Writer Chris Ryall throws a lot at readers in this penultimate issue as the pace picks up steam towards the finale.

Artist Drew Moss’ zombies look truly horrific and yet comical at the same time. They are all different shapes and sizes which are refreshing since most zombie mobs look alike. The survivors weapons choices at first look funny but are more realistic. Think about it: what would you use if zombies attacked you right now at your desk / coffee shop / wherever you’re reading this. Not many of use strap on a means to kill someone every day. Rakes, cooking tools, and bats are logical choices. Looking around my place, I have a hockey stick within reach and some pens. Hmm, I better arm myself better.

While the story hits the necessary beats, there is not much new. There is literally a speeding train with someone strapped to it as it is set to explode. The aliens are pretty much absent this issue which is unfortunate as they add colors and story dynamics that would enhance this chapter. I hope they save the day somehow and have a major plot twist to make this trip to Carbon Falls worthwhile overall.

Score: 3/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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