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11 Things We Want From The New ‘Friday The 13th’ Movie!!!

Last week it was announced that Paramount had regained the rights to the Friday The 13th franchise, and they have a five year window to make things happen. I’m not sure if this means that the rights will expire if they don’t make a movie in the next five years (deals like this are common) or if they simply have five years to make as many of these suckers as they can. If the latter is the case, and if their initial foray is lucrative enough, they can certainly get four out there if they follow the “one a year” release pattern from the 80’s.

It’s too late for them to make one in time for December 13th of this year, so I imagine that they’ll be aiming for the next available date – June 13th, 2014 – which gives them some time to get it right. While I genuinely dug the 2009 remake (and wouldn’t at all mind getting that rumored Shannon/Swift snowbound sequel), there are some ground rules we need to establish before moving forward in order to ensure we get the best F13 possible.

Head below for 11 Things We Want In The Next Friday The 13th!!!


I LOVE baghead Jason, but any movie they put him in will also eventually require the signature hockey mask, and we’ve already seen Jason find his mask twice already. I’m not knocking the remake or Part 3 at all, we just don’t need another origin story. Let’s hit the ground running


As much as I love Jason Lives, I think we could do with a few more great non-supernatural F13 movies. There’s always time to kill him and turn him into a zombie, but there’s no going back once we do that. So let’s keep things grounded in “reality” for a bit.


By this I just mean don’t make the characters and their surrounding world brick stupid, just a modest request to put a minimum about of effort into things. The best entries (Part 2, The Final Chapter, Jason Lives) at least tried to populate the film with reasonably identifiable characters that more or less talked like human beings. I normally wouldn’t be concerned about this but then I saw Texas Chainsaw 3D, a film filled with people any reasonable dolphin could outsmart. I was still able to enjoy that movie, but would hate for those characters to make their way to Crystal Lake.


No space, no jumping spirits, no telekineses, no vendetta infused ambulance drivers. No conspiracies. No “the town is in on it.” You know what we need? People in the woods getting killed by Jason. That’s it. Take those 3 chords and play the sh*t out of them.


In fact, why not go back to camp? While the ruins of Camp Crystal Lake figured into the remake, I still miss the place. Let’s try and set the film there. The layout of cabins (as opposed to one single structure like a house) adds some additional budget friendly scope and also makes it more plausible that our heroine will be genuinely shocked when she finds all the bodies in Act 3. Maybe we can up the stakes and even have kids there this time? That’s something only Jason Lives was able to pull off, and even then it was only at the very end.


This is very, very important. I’ve heard some rumblings here and there that they might like to go the found footage route with this movie. While I don’t automatically dislike the POV aesthetic, it’s just not right for a Friday The 13th film. We go to these movies for a very specific experience and nostalgia plays a pretty big role in it. Don’t mess this up. Paramount, if you make a found footage F13 movie you have no idea the world of trouble you will get from the fans. No idea. I’m pretty easy going about these kinds of things but I think even I would lose my sh*t on this one.

I understand the desire to make these things cheaply, and that the $20-$30 million spent on the Platinum Dunes version was perhaps too much. But you could spend $10 million, hit all the bases you need to hit, and be assured of a decent financial return.


Another issue a lot of people had with the 2009 entry was the lack of creativity behind the kills. While Jason’s slaughtering efforts have never really particularly been Rube Goldberg-ian in nature, I guess I can see some room for improvement. While I liked the brutality of the remake, there could have been a little more zip when it came to the dispatches. Although it was pretty nifty when the machete embedded in that girl’s skull beneath the dock lifted her out of the water for a second.


I loved the 2009 film. But even if you didn’t, you pretty much have to admit he kicked ass in it. Give him another shot, he’s one of the best Jasons we’ve ever had.


Come on! This is such an integral part of the earlier entries I’m surprised it’s not referenced more often as one of the key ingredients.


T&A are an F13 staple. The series is basically about punishing young people for having sex, so it’s a foregone conclusion that it will be in there. So I defy you to top the Travis Van Winkle/Julianna Guill “perfect nipple placement” coupling from the last outing. That sh*t was hilarious.


If he’s up for it, have him play a Crazy Ralph style doomsayer. You’ll get some miles out of that one. Trust me.



  • divisionbell

    Haha you know I think you’re right, Kevin could easily pull off the town crazy

    My wish list would be more like the original. A group of counselors come out to restore the crystal lake and Jason starts stalking them. Don’t need to reboot and it brings Jason back to his element. Good characters, good atmosphere, good kills and Derek Mears. Is that too much to ask? Aim for the second and aim high.

    • divisionbell

      Oh and absolutely no found footage. Need to go classic.

    • beaukennett

      that would be awesome! a def throwback to the original series. Id love to see a group of counsellors come back to restore the camp but to have Jason kill them 1 by 1

      • turtlenipple

        Completely agree

  • coldblood

    1 thing I want from the new Friday the 13th movie: DON’T MAKE ANOTHER GODDAMN FRIDAY THE 13TH MOVIE.

    • shelly84

      I agree on that, but if the producers wants to take some money from the stupid viewers like all of us, at least keep it close to the classics….

  • mav07

    you forgot “make it scary”

    The first 3 in my opinion, scared me as a kid and maybe even a little into adulthood.

  • dfwtchuck

    if it were me, i would set the movie at Crystal Lake, during winter. I think it would be interesting to see Jason hack his way through snow.

  • OldSchoolHorror

    Keep Derek Mears? Uh….no. Jason will never be great again without KANE HODDER!!!! Get him back, then Jason will be respected again and there might be a chance of reviving the franchise again.

    • EvanDickson

      @OldSchoolHorror What makes Kane Hodder better in your opinion?

      • OldSchoolHorror

        He embodied Jason perfectly with his movement and body language plus he was meaner and scarier with his performance.

        • horrorjunkie31

          I agree OldSchoolHorror, using Derek Mears is akin to using Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Kruger! Kane Hodder and Robert Englund ARE THOSE CHARACTERS! I was even pissed when they cast Ken Kirzinger in Freddy vs Jason…..but that’s New Line for ya!

    • divisionbell

      Kane Hodder was great for zombie Jason, but with Derek we get the size and the speed. He’s more like Jason from the second which is pretty perfect.

      • EvanDickson

        @divisionbell @oldschoolhorror I think divisionbell sums this up perfectly. Kane is great for Zombie Jason, he had that rigid merciless march. I prefer Derek for non-Zombie Jason.

      • ShadowInc

        I prefer zombie Jason. There was something about Derek Mear’s version that didn’t feel quite right.

        • EvanDickson

          @ShadowInc fair enough. I like Mears best as the living Jason, and Hodder is great as Zombie Jason.

          For this movie, I think they need a living Jason.

  • Francesco

    i’m sure paramount won’t make any sequel of the 2009 remake. they know they can make a new “old school” style and make more than 1 movie in 5 years!!! i’m sure they’ll please the old fans…kane hodder and maybe old actors.

  • Francesco

    well…no means they have to run to make it if they wanna release it next june 14th 2014

  • GerryButton

    Call me snarky but these articles have only stated that Paramount regained the rights. Did they come out and say they for sure will be doing a new film? Or are you assuming that because they bought the rights back this automatically means a new film.

    I’m not holding my breath. The series has had a TON of movies and while Jason Voorhees is an amazing horror icon I think it’s time to put him to rest.

    The last film was decent, and was what I expected, but right now I cannot expect the series to get any better than that.

    • EvanDickson


      Why would they buy the rights with no plans to make the movie? Makes no sense to do that.

      • GerryButton

        Just because they have the rights to something doesn’t mean they will use it. That might sound foolish or ignorant but it’s true. They may have bought it for a variety of reasons.

        But who knows, a new movie might be one of them, but merchandise, re-releases, foreign distribution, video games. Could be anything.

        I just don’t want to see fans of the series see this as “OMG THEY BOUGHT RIGHTS WE ARE GETTING NEW MOVIE” and then in a few years, when not so much as a whisper comes out about it people start complaining and attacking them. Well, more so than normal anyway.

        • EvanDickson

          @GerryButton, theatrical rights to new films are a different set of rights than home video rights. As far as I know, WB still has the home video rights to the existing ones, hence that alleged WB boxed set that’s been rumored.

        • DramaKing

          Platinum Dunes said that the only reason they weren’t moving forward on a sequel was because New Line was hesitant. Both New Line and Paramount had to agree to make another film. Now, it’s only Paramount and they’re the ones who told Warner Bros. to relinquish their half of the rights.

  • How about ‘Make it fun’? The one thing the early movies had in common is that it was fun to watch them. The brutality in the remake was good, and by all means keep that, but there also needs to be a playfulness to the movie. You need obvious staples like building up to a point where you just KNOW that Jason will be around the next corner, and the music builds up, and when they get around the corner – WHAM, he’s not there, the audience relaxes as the victim turns around, straight into Jason and whatever weapon he’s holding at that point.

    • EvanDickson

      @LimeyAbroad of course it should be fun! Hopefully the elements of the above list, when combined, would make it fun.

      • @EvanDickson – sorry, didn’t mean to suggest that list was bad. Just thinking that the Platinum Dunes one hit a hell of a lot of the right notes, but it didn’t come off as made by fans of the 80’s slashers – hence the brutality. Francesco has suggested that Adam Green direct, and that would be the sort of thing it needs – the Hatchet movies are about the closest modern equivalent to the early movies.

        An example that made me think of the ‘fun’ aspect was Rob Zombie’s Halloween – it hit a lot of the right notes that a Halloween movie should hit – Laurie as his sister, Loomis, Sheriff Brackett, the gravestone etc, but at no point could the movie be described as fun.

        • EvanDickson

          @LimeyAbroad oh no offense taken! I just inherently want it to be fun too.Yeah, def not the Rob Zombie direction.

  • FreddyKrueger13

    What I want is all of the above and Danielle Harris to be in it, simple as that. Regardless I’m going to see the movie no matter what

  • Francesco

    Adam Green as director!!!

    • SuperKilla

      Thank You. And as the writer too. I’m not crazy about Shannon and Swift at all.

  • horrorking95

    What all good slashers have are great characters. The characters are what glue a slasher together. You want to root for them or feel something for them when they die! We don’t want all the stereotypes The Cabin in the Woods perfectly deconstructed either! Inventive kills and gore also make it more entertaining to watch. There also needs to be a thrilling intensity to it, with suspense not just one kill after the other. Maybe a nice cabin invasion?

  • Francesco

    i’m wondering who will write the script this time. give it to Todd farmer!!!

    • SuperKilla

      Another good choice now that you mention Todd Farmer, Patrick Lussier would make a great director for this film, Alex Aja and his writing partner too. They gotta get people that know this genre and how to make grisly and inventive death scenes. And of course good writing doesn’t hurt.

  • Rake

    I don’t see how Jason cannot be supernatural after what happened to him in the remake. Just like I cant see Jason being anything but supernatural after the ending of Part 2. Perhaps not a zombie, but there’s no way he could of survived and been functional.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      I agree. I always hear people talk about that and I’m like “how is he not already supernatural”? I know he became zombie Jason in part 6 or 7, but he got hit in the head with an axe at the end of three, came back in four and people don’t consider it supernatural. To me, coming back from the dead = supernatural.

  • gibb424

    ” So I defy you to top the Travis Van Winkle/Julianna Guill “perfect nipple placement” coupling from the last outing. That sh*t was hilarious.”

    Please, no. Yes, sex has always been a part of the series but I don’t need sex scenes that are longer than most of the stalk/death scenes.

    I would add “A strong final girl with a wicked end chase scene” like 2, 3, 4 and 7. They need to definitely set it back at the camp (with no underground tunnels)

    • divisionbell

      That was a pretty hilarious and candid sex scene.

    • EvilHead1981

      The Travis Van Winkle/Julianna Guill sex scene was the most retarded shit I’ve EVER seen in a horror movie. Sex is great, but don’t talk. No talking…. JUST SEX(and in slashers, DEATH). I don’t wanna hear these assholes talk… If I wanted here people talk during sex, I’d watch a chick flick. He’ll, I’d watch the 50 Shades of Gray movie(when it comes out) if I wanted to see idealistic “chick’s kinky fantasy sex scenes”.

      Interestingly enough, I’d want a story that isn’t typical slasher. I mean, why in the hell is everybody okay when you take a series that is basically campy and shallow, then make it deeper and darker, and they are totally for it, but then you bring up, “What if they make a Ft13 movie that isn’t pointless gore and sex?” and those same people are totally against it. If there was ANY series that could use a little GOOD story input, it’s the Ft13 series. Halloween was fine originally, as was A Nightmare on Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ft13, horror fans hold it up like some sacred cow. Seeming IT can’t be touched, but other legendary franchises are fair game. Y’know what, yeah, I’d actually like to see a Ft13 movie that strives to be something MORE than what the others are. I don’t want it to become some pretentious Chris Nolan-esque story, but something more than just annoying horny teens and Jason Voorhees.

      • divisionbell

        If that’s the most retarded thing you’ve seen in a horror movie you haven’t watched many.

        Absolutely agree on the story. I would give anything for a F13th film with a real well written story, and with actual characters you really care about. Nothing gives a horror film real impact like real characters.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    Good list. Most of all I want the camp setting, more identifiable characters and definitely better kills. I’ve said before I don’t hate the Friday remake but it was seriously lacking the sense of fun the old movies had and when I look back at those films, there’s actually a nice bit of suspense in quite a few of them. Bring that back as well. And definitely Derek Mears. I love Kane, too, but Derek was the best part of the remake, in my opinion.

    • divisionbell

      Camp is a must. You do need to make it fun but keep the intensity/brutality of the remake. Then you’d have a solid F13th on your hands. Here’s hoping!

  • Marty McFly

    Evan your list is perfect. I agree with everything you said; especially that Derek Mears is one of the best Jasons we’ve ever had. Kane Hodder is way overrated, please do not bring him back! His Jason is strictly zombie Jason anyway, he’s too bulky and robotic in his movements. I love zombie Jason as much as the next guy but I’d like to see a little more human Jason first. I definitely want to see the movie set at the camp, they can try reopening it again. It was nice to see the old campground in the remake. I really enjoyed the remake, especially the tense 20 minute opening sequence. I thought the kills were good enough too, I loved the burning sleeping bag and Richie getting the machete planted into his face. Definitely no found footage bullshit! We get enough of that from those ridiculously awful Paranormal Craptivity shitfest movies. I really hope we get a new movie for next year, but I doubt it would come out in the summer with all the big blockbusters to compete with.

    • coldblood

      I liked the first Paranormal Activity movie. I just wish they would have kept the original ending – where Katie looks in the camera and cuts her own throat.

      As for Jason, I grew up in the eighties so I was around when the Friday movies started, so I’m a little tired of them.

      My favorite adult movie starlet was Ginger Lynn back then, and I’m not watching her new movies now either. Sorry.


    How about bringing back the iconic Fth13th score. It was sorely missing from the last film which hurt the film tbh.

    • LukeOz

      100% Agree USUCK. I so missed the iconic score. Harry could come up with an updated version using what made his original score work so well. Derek Mears or Kane Hodder – if they go with anyone else that’s crazy. I really loved what Mears did in the remake so I’d love to see him return, but Kane also did a great job.

      What’s crucial – likeable characters [give us someone to really root for, not CW type stereotypes]. No cliche’s we’ve seen a million times before! A director, producer and writer who “gets” what makes these films work, and then some. No more unnecessary back story for Jason – we all know it & any “younger” audience who don’t know it, can google it. I also agree on the fun element -“You’re Next” walked that line of great humour out of the situation & the horror/scares. And yeah, setting it in the snow could be very cool – or at least part of the movie.

      Not idea if he’s still got the chops, but i’d even be up for Joseph Zito coming back – 4 was easily one of the best and him coming back, he’d have something to prove. We need a director hungry to make it the best it can be, not just a gun for hire. [Of course that didn’t work so well with the crap fest that was Halloween 8..]

      • DeadInHell

        This is why it is essential to have a writer and producer(s) who know what the hell is up. Rick Rosenthal might have done a fine job with the right script and the right team. But nothing about Resurrection was right.

        Steve Miner could direct this. Having not only directed parts 2 and 3, but also Halloween 7/H20. He has a much better track record in slasher franchises than anyone else. Joseph Zito has part 4 and The Prowler, but has not been nearly as active and hasn’t returned to the genre since those films.

        • LukeOz

          The only good part of Resurrection was the opening scene and then up until Laurie died…which still kind of pissed me off. You’re right, may not have been all Rick’s fault as the script was shit and so was the ‘popular’ casting choices.

          I love Steve Miner’s genre films but I wonder if he’d look down his nose at this at this point in his career. And his last horror “Day Of The Dead” was an utter pile of shit.

          Whoever does it – i just want a tense, scary, gory, fun thrill ride! Not to much to ask right?

    • SuperKilla

      So true! Harry Manfredini should return!

  • turtlenipple

    Jason Eisener would be a fantastic director for a new Friday the 13th. Young Buck, Hobo With A Shotgun and his segment in VHS2 captured that 80’s vibe perfectly, even if the latter 2 weren’t set in that time frame. I think he’d be perfect. I’m just not entirely sure who I’d be excited about writing it.

  • DeadInHell

    “No space, no jumping spirits, no telekineses, no vendetta infused ambulance drivers. No conspiracies. No “the town is in on it.” You know what we need? People in the woods getting killed by Jason. That’s it. Take those 3 chords and play the sh*t out of them.”

    This a million times. Horror isn’t amplified by these extraneous additions, it’s diluted by them. For me the absolute worst horror twist/cliche/brainfart of all time is the aforementioned “the town is in on it”. The town doesn’t need to be in on anything except getting goddamn dismembered by a madman. That is where we find what is worthy in the slasher genre. Not in convoluted idiot plots that aim higher than the writers are able to reasonably achieve.

    Although I will admit that I kind of love Part 7, which I think was the last enjoyable sequel. The telekinesis angle was actually kind of awesome. I mean they already destroyed the fabric of reality by making Jason a ridiculous undead zombie slasher. Why not keep going?

    • DeadInHell

      Oh and it should go without saying that found footage is out of the question. I wouldn’t even consider seeing this film in that case.

      • LukeOz

        If there is found footage in it there will be hell to pay!

  • Benjamin Kindel

    I think it would be great to have the sequel go back to Camp Crystal Lake, maybe a few years after the 2009 film (maybe have it “real time” and have the film take place 5 years later) and the camp is restored. Like, it’s a summer camp again and there are teenagers and some kids and everything is all nice and what-not until Jason comes back and just goes crazy again. Maybe Kevin Bacon can be the camp owner or a man who lives nearby and “is tired of these things happening”. Maybe they could have some surviving characters (if there are any) come back and act as camp counselors and other roles of the sort. Kind of how ‘Scream 4’ was.

  • lisey

    One thing I want from the new Friday The 13th movie is for it to not happen.

  • Sly Fish

    I recall a “finding all the bodies scene” in the remake.

  • kaido

    Not to be a stick in the mud, I don’t mind sex in horror, but Platinum Dunes did over kill with the sex scenes. Felt like I was watching a porno that just had Jason in the background.

  • martyr3

    Oh c’mon, you couldn’t make it 13 things?

    – No Derek Mears. Hodder is Jason. Kirzinger would be acceptable too if absolutely necessary. But Mears? Nope.

    – Nudity. And lots of it. While sex scenes require nudity, you don’t need sex for nudity. Include shower scenes, naked bathing in the lake, etc. Get every actress naked.

    – No Michael Bay involvement please. All his sequels are the same, efficient, violent, but without personality and completely lacking in the spirit of the series.

    – Remember the final scene in Jason vs. Freddy? Give the new movies that exact look.

  • arrowbrooke

    Having just watched all of them recently I would like to chime in:
    1. A more realistic cast that can act more than just be eye candy. If you look back to the other heroines, Ginny, Chris, Trish and Megan they all had natural beauty. We dont need these girls with ridiculously large breasts and whore make-up. They arent believable.
    2. No Pot. We dont need that to be a main focus. It was in a quick scene in F13th 1, mentioned in part 2 in passing and well, part 3 it was there but wasnt the reason for anything. Smoke a joint, get it over with and get to the killing.
    3. Keep that Jason running. Its called a chase scene. Chase these people.
    4. Return to camp. Rebuild it or something. Classic part 2 style type stuff.
    5. Creative yet not over the top kills.
    6. Whatever happens in the end, we dont need such stupid lines as, “i’ll see you in hell.” or “go to hell.”
    7. Maybe have a classic kill from one of the other films to pay homage again. Like the wheelchair scene or sliced down the middle during a handstand.

    just some hopeless wishes.

  • diapers

    As always, I’m the last to comment. Perhaps I have dementia. Anyway, I’d offer an alternate cameo for crazy Ralph by none other than Crispin Glover. I agree largely with most of the other points. With the T&A, I’d also add the inclusion of drug use and partying in general… but the 2009 remake did pretty well in all those departments. And yes, no space, no spirit jumping. I’d LOVE to see the thing set at Camp Crystal Lake proper… that would be a hoot!

  • shelly84

    Good list. In my opinion:
    – Crystal lake (maybe the selling of the area for building some shopping mall or something) and Jason killing everybody. But i think keeping it like the classics – reopening of the camp blood – would be better.
    – Mixed of intelligent and dumb characters. Gotta love dumb/potheads/goofy characters.
    – Crazy, long, final “battle” between jason and the main girl.
    – Sex and drugs.
    – Lots of cool deaths.
    – Crazy ralph like character.

    I think the f13th movie gotta be like old f13th movies, i mean if u want do a more deep, dark whatever kinda movie, why dont u do it with a different name cause thats just not what f13th is about.


    Get rid of humor finaly. Jason films wasnt serious since 1993 . It’s time finaly stop make a fun with Jason and make serious, dark and grim F13 film.

  • brian cove

    This should be entitled 11 things you want from the new Friday the 13th. Derek Mears was garbage and so was New Line’s attempt at trying to gather new fans for the franchise. Derek Mears was about as good as Ken Kirzinger and that abomination fredfy vs jason. Kane Hodder is the only way to make another Friday and that’s the botyom line and if you don’t know that then you’re a fucking idiot.

  • Baphochrist

    1. Something resembling the great scores by Harry Manfredini.

    2. Something resembling atmosphere.

    3. Snowy setting or at the very least a segment of the film with a snowy setting.

    4. Sex sure but not so much of it that it becomes softcore porn.

    5. No meta bullshit

    6. Interesting/relatable characters or fuckit no characterization at all. Anything other than the absolutely excruciatingly grating characters in recent Jason movies.

    7. Darkness. Both stylistically and maybe cinematography wise. I’m sick of most new horror movies looking Abercrombie and Fitch commercials.

    8. Scale back on the goddamned humor.

    9. Creative/gory as fuck kills!


    11. Anybody but Platinum Dunes producing the damn thing.

  • VictorCrowley

    Totally on board with no zombie Jason. To me, Friday the 13th was at it’s best when Jason was still alive and ran after people. After he died and came back from the grave he was basically Michael Myers with an attitude. Slow-moving, methodical, head-tilting, painless. Nope. Works for Myers and Halloween. Leave it be.

    We need running, grunting, wincing when significantly attacked, out of his mind SAVAGE Jason. There’s something about a hulking psycho wearing a creepy mask and running after you like you stole his last nickle that is legitimately scary. Add in the name ‘Jason’ and a bunch of kills that look like they were done by a stacked-brickhouse jacked up on roid-rage and well, you have the kind of Friday the 13th we’ve been missing for nearly three decades.

    Please make it happen.

  • VictorCrowley

    Almost forgot — no way Paramount does these once a year. Would LOVE to see it happen, but no way. As much as it pains me to say it, it isn’t the 80’s anymore. Hollywood can only stomach bringing one of these out once every so many years.

    Look at the timeline since Paramount ended the original series.

    Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
    Jason Goes to Hell (1993)
    Jason X (2001)
    F vs J (2003)
    Remake (2009)

    We got 4 yrs, 8 yrs, 2 yrs, 6 yrs between the next installment since part 8. And Jason X was mainly done to see if the audience was still there before they spent a load on making FvsJ, so the short 2 yr gap between those two films was intentional.

    Would love to be wrong, but I just don’t see more than two films before 2020. One is probably more realistic.

  • bladepuppetmaster1

    kane hodder needs to be back!!!

  • firedog93551

    +1 for NO FOUND FOOTAGE. I’m sick and tired of this whole cameraman with Parkinson’s shtick.

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