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Daniel Radcliffe Starrer ‘Frankenstein’ Gets 2014 Release

Dr. Frankenstein has created a monster, again.

Paul McGuigan’s Frankenstein has been given an official release date for next year.

Penned by Chronicle‘s Max Landis, the latest Mary Shelley adaptation will hit theaters on October 17, 2014 via Twentieth Century Fox.

The Woman in Black and Horns‘ Daniel Radcliffe will co-star as the Hunchback. No other casting has been revealed, yet.



  • Kenzo

    Wow, the fact that Daniel is playing the hunchback is really interesting. This movie sounds like it might rock!

  • Darkling

    A few things.

    This is NOT an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel. This is an adaptation of the archetype created by Universal studios.

    In the novel the creature was intelligent, there were no bolts in his neck, he had long black hair. And oh, yes. There was no Igor! Victor Frankenstein was a university student with no assistant to aide him. No Hunchback and no madman. I swear no one reads anymore…

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