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8 Great Songs Over 8 Minutes Long!

I’m one of those rare breeds that enjoys a long song. I’m not talking five minutes long. No, I’m talking those songs that take their time, that build up passage after passage, that come to a climax that is so strong and beautiful that it sends shivers up and down my spine and goose bumps cover every inch of my arms. So I’ve decided to share some of those with you! Head on below to see my list of 8 Great Songs Over 8 Minutes Long!

Dream Theater – “Endless Sacrifice” (Train Of Thought)

You wanna know what get’s my blood boiling here? How about that awesome keyboard/guitar solo battle that culminates in John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess putting aside their differences and combining their efforts? Gets me going every single time.

Tool – “The Grudge” (Lateralus)

I remember purchasing Lateralus, putting it on, and getting hit with this slammer of a track. I was immediately drawn in by the chunky riffs, the dynamic drumming, and the fact that it was the first new Tool album since 1996’s Aenima. So my excitement might have something to do with this as well as nostalgia. However, memories aside, this song is amazing and will always get my head banging along.

Pink Floyd – “High Hopes” (Division Bell)

Taken from Pink Floyd‘s last album, “High Hopes” is a gorgeous, stunning track that builds up to a sublime slide guitar solo. The rich textures and wonderful harmonies make this a phenomenal track and one that is well worth your time.

Symphony X – “The Odyssey” (The Odyssey)

“Epic” and “amazing” are adjectives I will gladly toss out for this song. And when those “Triumphant! Champion of Ithaca!” vocal harmonies hit at the end, I always feel like I need to be wearing a suit of armor and riding a white stallion into battle.

Karnivool – “New Day” (Sound Awake)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is one of the greatest songs I’ve heard in years. It was my Song of the Year for 2010 and I still listen to it probably once a week if not more. When Ian Kenny triumphantly cries out, “I’ve been waiting my whole life!”, the hair on the back of my neck rises and my breath catches in my throat. Truly a masterpiece of a song that builds with each new section.

Metallica – “The Call Of Ktulu” (Ride The Lightning)

The only instrumental on this list, “The Call Of Ktulu” mixes my love of metal with my love of horror in a deliciously eerie and heavy manner. This song could easily be the soundtrack to many moments in Lovecraft’s books as it encapsulates the macabre, sinister, supernatural horror that he is so well known for writing.

Leprous – “Forced Entry” (Bilateral)

My favorite track from one of my favorite albums of 2011, “Forced Entry” has a brilliant song structure and continuously plays with the listener’s expectations. And when the cacophony of demons scream out their choir of “I’ve opened the door,” it always freezes my blood. God, I love this song.

Opeth – “Deliverance” (Deliverance)

Look, I could make a whole list of amazing, long Opeth songs and we all know it. But I had to pick one song and this is the song that I just keep coming back to, alright? It has absolutely everything that defines Opeth and it blends them all so effortlessly and brilliantly. The passage of low-E chugging as singer Mikael Akerfeldt croons, “The devil guides the way/Tells me what to say/Pours himself inside/And snuffs the final light”, will forever make me headbang. Seeing them perform that live was an amazing experience.

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