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This Cover Of “Enter Sandman” Will Make You Squeal Like A Piggy

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of covers that take an original song and give it a fresh, unique twist. That’s why I was immediately hooked on bluegrass group Iron Horse‘s take on the ubiquitous Metallica track “Enter Sandman”. The cover features a four-man group including banjo, mandolin, upright bass, and guitar as well as all four on vocals. Be sure to give it a listen below!

The track comes from the band’s album Fade To Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute To Metallica, which you can purchase here.

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  • Deadite85

    I’m so happy that this exists.

    • Mr.Mirage

      Ditto! In fact, its existence makes me happier.

      • JonathanBarkan

        Hahaha, glad you all enjoyed it!

  • Remember-Slithis

    Check out Luther Wright and The Wrongs album Rebuild The Wall.Pink Floyd Bluegrass style!

  • weresmurf

    At first I was like ‘NO NO NO This is wrong…’

    Five seconds later I was like ‘Wait this is…. kind of ok…’

    Then I was like ‘Holy crap this is good!’

    Then soon after I was like ‘THIS IS AWESOME!’ and I was bopping along.

    Amazing how well it works as a country song lol.

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