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Nazi Zombies Invade In German Indie ‘The Rise of Valhalla’

Daniel Konze directed The Rise of Valhalla, a flashy looking indie zombie pic out of Germany.

It is a film about the Third Reich, where the Nazis open the gate to Valhalla and hope to be able to win the war with the help of Viking zombies. However, the Viking zombies do not fight on the side of the Nazis and kill everything …

The film is told from the point of view of resistance fighters who found the camp of the Nazis.

Check out the teaser trailer inside.

Here’s the film’s official website and Facebook



  • Canucklehead

    I would have thought the only thing better than Nazi zombies would be Viking zombies. Looks like it was filmed in the park down the street….. with an i phone……… and extras from the neighborhood…..pass

  • Bmxstyle

    The second Teaser

  • Bmxstyle


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