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‘Dead Space 4’ Not Coming Any Time Soon

In an interview with Eurogamer last week, EA Games Label executive VP Patrick Söderlund confirmed that Dead Space 4 is not in development, and that Visceral Games — the team behind the first three games — are currently hard at work on something that’s “very exciting.” “Dead Space remains a brand that is close to Electronic Arts’ heart. It’s been a great brand for us done by a very passionate team.” Söderlund told Eurogamer.

“Will there be another Dead Space game? Who knows? Have we killed it? No, of course not. But right now that dev team is focused on something else that you and other gamers will be very happy with.” So no new Dead Space in the near future. It’s disappointing, but certainly not all that surprising. What would you like to see from a new Dead Space? Is it time for a reboot?

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  • Swunky

    Well there we have it.. Dissapointing but hardly suprising ..

    I do not think a reboot is what’s necessary to breathe life back into the franchise tho .. They just need to go back to what worked so well from the start!

    Dead Space (as many other games) is just suffering from sequelitis (trying to raise the stakes with every sequel), In the fist game we tried to survive onboard the SSG Ishimura .. In the second game we saved a Planet .. And in the third game we saved… the universe? ..

    I like Dead Space 3 but why not just let us play as Unitarian stormtrooper (maybe even make the game class based with your own customized solider) stationed in a colony deep out in farther space .. Armed with nothing but a pulse rifle, stasis core and a deep rooted fear of jump scares .. Make it like the first Dead Rising with an small open world with many different areas and let us take on side quests while trying to save as many survivors as possible before our evac ships arrive ..

    • Adam Dodd

      More like, in the first game we survived the USG Ishimura, in the second we survived the Sprawl space station, then in the third we survived a planet. 😉

      • weresmurf

        In the third one you survived badly designed levels and game design…

        • Adam Dodd

          HEY. I worked on the third one. Be nice. 🙁

  • ThunderDragoon

    Cool. This gives me time to catch up on these games.

    • Swunky

      Haha so very well played my good sir 😉

      But just to clarify, I still love all three games, Dead Space 3 was just a bit different from the rest of em ..

      Btw Adam have you tried The Last Of Us yet?
      Im about 8 hours deep and from a survival “horror” perspective it’s kinda sorta really great so far 😀

      • Swunky

        was meant for Adam, My apologies for the confusion :$

        • Adam Dodd

          Haha! I haven’t played The Last of Us yet. I’m currently a few thousand miles away from my PS3. I’ve heard amazing things about it so far.

  • huntermc

    I hope the next Dead Space will be developed exclusively for the next gen systems, and designed to fully take advantage of what they offer.

  • creepozoid

    The moment DS3 announced multiplayer gaming I lost all interest. Playing the utterly boring demo proved that the optional single-player campaign was not as focused as developers had promised. I only hope that The Last of Us doesn’t follow this dreadful trend. All Dead Space 4 needs to do is remove the multiplayer and it’ll do peachy

  • Laugh Riot

    I was wondering how it would be if they did the game from different perspectives. Each chapter switch characters. Maybe like in 3 what if it went Issac then Carver after that switch to Ellie trying to survive on the ship.

    I liked the co-op. Heck I still play DS2 multiplayer at least once a week lol.

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