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‘Dead Space 4’ Not Coming Any Time Soon



In an interview with Eurogamer last week, EA Games Label executive VP Patrick Söderlund confirmed that Dead Space 4 is not in development, and that Visceral Games — the team behind the first three games — are currently hard at work on something that’s “very exciting.” “Dead Space remains a brand that is close to Electronic Arts’ heart. It’s been a great brand for us done by a very passionate team.” Söderlund told Eurogamer.

“Will there be another Dead Space game? Who knows? Have we killed it? No, of course not. But right now that dev team is focused on something else that you and other gamers will be very happy with.” So no new Dead Space in the near future. It’s disappointing, but certainly not all that surprising. What would you like to see from a new Dead Space? Is it time for a reboot?

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