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New ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’ Coming In October From ‘Swamp Thing’ Scribe

Charles Soule is quickly taking over at DC Comics. has just announced that the current “Swamp Thing” writer will helm the new “Superman/Wonder Woman” ongoing series that kicks of this October. Over the past year, DC has been building up the power relationship between their two biggest heroes, and we’ll finally see how it all pans out this fall.

“Superman/Wonder Woman” will be written by Charles Soule and drawn by Tony Daniel.



  • Evan3


    I have pretty much given up on the New 52 titles, but can you tell me what they are doing with Lois Lane? I assume there is absolutely no romance between the two given that Supes is shacking up with the (admittedly more attractive and equally as intellectually stimulating) Wonder Woman

    • Lonmonster

      @Evan3 Nothing is doing with Lois Lane as of right now. They seem to want to build this relationship between Superman and WW, and they keep hinting that it will crash somewhere down the line leading to a chaotic superhero war. But that’s just me speculating.

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