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First ‘Deep Dark’ Still Talks To A Hole In the Wall

The first frame grab from the feature film Deep Dark shows lead character Hermann (Sean McGrath; Cell Count) in his new home. In this dilapidated apartment he finds his muse and the film showcases the strange, sometimes violent relationship that develops between them. A modern cocktail of several genres, the film serves up equal parts psychological horror and romance, because after all, love can be a little scary.

In it, “A failed sculptor finds a strange, talking hole in the wall. The hole has the power to fulfill his wildest dreams, or it just might become his worst nightmare.

Deep Dark is Michael Medaglia’s first feature film production and this will be Lara Cuddy’s third production with Polluted Pictures as producer. This will also be Polluted Pictures (Cell Count) first co-production of a script that was not written by either Todd or Jason Freeman.

The film is currently in production while concurrently running a KickStarter Campaign for additional post production funds. $10 or more gains access to daily behind-the-scenes videos from the set while the movie is being shot.



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