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[Modern Art] The Many Horrifying Faces Of Death

Marius Siergiejew is an artist based in Poland who loves making scary faces. Nearly every one of his works looks like it hungers for my very soul, so in the event that one of these creatures comes out of my closet tonight to drag me into a weird hell dimension, I’ve decided to share these amazing illustrations with all of you, too. Because if I go down, I’m taking you with me. Check out Siergiejew’s delightfully twisted art after the jump.

For more of Marius’s work, check out his gallery.

Have a question? Feel free to ever-so-gently toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting.



  • doomas10

    Great looking but I have seen similar visual ideas. Having said that, the fourth me for me is the creepiest – Has a bit of dead space feeling to it!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Love the 5th one. Creepy bastard!

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