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Trent Reznor And David Lynch Collaborating On…Something?



Trent Reznor, the Nine Inch Nails frontman, has tweeted a picture of himself with director/musician David Lynch. There is no explanation for the snapshot, aside from the description “tr;dl” (Trent Reznor; David Lynch). There could be a few reasons for this: 1) They’re just hanging out. The two of them have worked together before, so them being pals makes sense. 2) Lynch could be directing a music video for Reznor, perhaps for the new single “Came Back Haunted”. 3) Reznor will be contributing on Lynch’s upcoming album The Big Dream, either helping with some music (kind of unlikely as the album will be coming out next month) or by doing a remix.

Reznor has worked with Lynch before musically, producing and providing original music for the 1997 film Lost Highway. Reznor will be releasing a new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks on September 3rd via Columbia Records.

Meanwhile, Lynch’s album The Big Dream will be released July 15th. It is the follow up to 2011’s Crazy Clown Time.

The tweet and picture can be seen below.

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