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Review: ‘Dream Thief’ #2

Fall asleep, wake up. Fall asleep, wake up. We all do this (hopefully) every day. But do you ever wake up with bruises or aches you don’t recall getting? I noticed a bruise on my finger this morning. Now imagine waking up somewhere else, somewhere foreign with dead bodies everywhere, and a smoking gun in your hands. Welcome to John Lincoln’s life in “Dream Thief”.

ART BY: Greg Smallwood
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: June 19th, 2013

Lincoln’s new toy (his mask) seems to do something to him when he goes to sleep. He gains memories of the recently departed as well as the living and whatever skills they have. We learn everybody is an expert in something. Writer Jai Nitz brings readers into a world I’ve never even thought of but must exist somewhere because the details are so vivid. “From skin flicks to booger sugar” is a great line Lincoln uses while disarming a man with his own abilities. This world The Dream Thief shows us is a dirty underbelly of America. Even here, people need revenge.

Expert shooting, scrubbing a crime scene clean, close quarter fighting, boxing… I’ve no doubt this list will grow and grow as the series progresses. When Lincoln is awake, he has an aversion to killing. I would too if every time I woke up there were dead bodies everywhere.

I really enjoyed Greg Smallwood’s opening page layout. It looks exactly as described by Lincoln’s monologue. Red is effectively used and the grays, blacks and whites all paint a great picture. His panels capture the reader and keep the story flowing in an innovating fresh way. Smallwood’s art reminds me of Dave Johnson’s 100 Bullets covers in all the good ways.

Dark and dirty revenge appears to be the way of The Dream Thief. I like how all these seemingly random events appear to be connected. The hooks at the end of each issue are great and remind me of the classic TV show Quantum Leap in that everything from the previous adventure has been resolved and oh boy the next tale looks even better than the last one. This is series is a fun and bloody version I’ll be tuning into next month.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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