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The Original Ending Of ‘World War Z’ Was MUCH Different…

I actually like the new ending for World War Z (read Brad’s review). And not many people seem to mind, it’s Brad Pitt’s biggest opening weekend ever. For me, the ending provides a welcome respite from all the explosions – and you finally see the zombies behave as zombies. It’s actually suspenseful.

But it’s always interesting to think what might have been and, in this case, what was actually shot. Over 45 minutes was discarded from the original cut in favor of the new ending and has a really nice, in depth look at what the changes were.

A few bullet points below.

– Originally the plane didn’t crash. It landed in Russia and (after executing the old and sick onboard), the military drafts everyone onboard into military service.

– You may have missed Matthew Fox in the film, he’s barely in it as one of the crew of the helicopter that rescues Pitt and his family early in the film. But he didn’t show up just to make a cameo, originally his part was much larger. In fact, when Mireille Enos and her daughters are sent off the ship and to the camp – she has to trade her body to survive. Matthew Fox is on the receiving end of this bargain.

– Cold slows down the zombies, making them easier to kill. Something Gerry learns from his months spent fighting them in Russia in the original 3rd act.

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  • RickGrimesRightHand

    I for one liked the film and it’s ending. they made it so that if they decided against doing it as a trilogy it could stand on its own feet while leaving it open for sequels which we now know are coming. they can still use some of that footage (the matthew fox stuff at least) in the future films as flashbacks or something along those lines.

  • doomas10

    Although closer to the spirit of the book – winter, zombies – I personally dislike that ending. It is weird – and the whole thing that his wife has to use her body to survive has been overdone to death. Despite its massive flaws, I think the film is better with this ending (although a bit cheesy).

  • djblack1313

    RickGrimesRightHand, i agree! i very much liked the Lindelof ending. i’m dying to see the unused ending though. i hope it ends up on the dvd.

  • RickGrimesRightHand

    I have not read the book yet so I don’t have an opinion as to how true this film was to the source material, however, I liked the pacing and flow of this film. I enjoyed how it seamlessly (in my opinion) narrowed down in scope from really epic to isolation and suspense to where it all came to a boiling point. From reviews I’ve read and many posts I’ve seen, I pretty sure i’m in the minority on this.

    • weresmurf

      Humanity leaves the cities, knowing they are places of mass death, preferring to retreat to towns high in the mountains where the cold will set in. Winter is seen to freeze zombies, as they have no internal warmth, this gives the Humans six months at a time to prepare over the years, where they fortify their new cities against the zombie hordes, who still infect the cities majorly but not really up in the mountains where the humans are regrouping and north in Canada and Alaska where the cold weather is around longer. Over this period of time, the humans scavenge metal and resources, reform government and reinstate an organised military, they train their military to shoot for the head instead of centermass, which was a fault of the original Army, as a center mass shot will not matter a zombie. They create ‘cherry PIE rounds’ for their new standard issue rifle, the SIR, Standard Issue Rifle. It has a mount for a blade underneath to act as a bayonette and does not fire semi or fully automatic (there is not need to). The Cherry PIE rounds hit the zombie in the head, a tip of magnesium flares up and burns their brain as well as penetrating it.

      The humans set out in numbers, setting up encampments in the middle of cities in organised numbers with their SIRS and spend up to days, with hundreds of humans gunning down hundreds of thousands of zombies at a time. Through doing this, they slowly take back city after city. Slowly and efficiently they manage to take back American cities. LMOE’s give them trouble (Last Man on Earth syndrome people) who insist on fighting them and other crazy survivors etc.

      While WWZ worked as a popcorn film, the book works as an amazingly indepth look at the political ramifications of a zombie outbreak and the impact it would have on the world at large. Definitely worth the read.

  • Arby

    World War Z was a snooze fest. It just didn’t zap me. It wasn’t horrible. But it wasn’t worth the dime.

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