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‘Shadow Of The Eternals’ Developer Arrested For Child Pornography

Precursor Games is trying to bring us the Eternal Darkness sequel we’ve been asking for since the first game released back in 2002, but progress on it likely hasn’t been helped much as the developer continues to find itself in the midst of quite a bit of controversy. First, there were reports of former Silicon Knights studio head Denis Dyack’s rocky treatment of employees (which he later denied). This was followed by a sudden premature closure of the studio’s campaigns to fund Shadow of the Eternals.

Now, we can add a child pornography charge to that list.

Kenneth McCulloch, now a former developer at Precursor Games, has been charged with “one count each of possession of child pornography, making child pornography available and accessing child pornography,” by the Niagara Regional Police Service. In a post on the studio’s forums, Precursor Games CEO Paul Caporicci wrote that because of the nature of the charge, McCulloch is “no longer affiliated in any way with Precursor Games.”

You can read the police report here.

[Kotaku via Bullet News Niagara]

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