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A Lot Of (Dumb) Names Were Rejected Before Microsoft Settled On The Xbox

Seamus Blackley and his team helped build and launch the original Xbox, way back in 2001. They were also the only reason the Xbox didn’t end up being called the AIO (All In One), MVPC (Microsoft Virtual Play Center), M-PAC (Microsoft Play and Action Center), or FACE (Full Action Center), if you can believe that last one. “Hey man, want to grab some Taco Bell and head back to my place for some FACE time?” Just, no.

It would seem the higher ups were a little acronym happy back then, as dozens of awful names were hurled out, one awful after the next. There was the MTG, or Microsoft Total Gaming (what?), the O2, or Optimal Ozone (you’re kidding, right?), and so many others that sound just as awkward.

Suddenly, “Wii” doesn’t sound so bad.

If you’d like the full list of horrible titles, you can find them on Edge.

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