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Aussie Gamers Rejoice! ‘State Of Decay’ Is Coming To Australia

Put some shrimps on the barbie before a dingo eats your baby, because Undead Labs’ zombie survival masterpiece is going down under!

The developer confirmed this on their Facebook page, saying “State of Decay has been rated R18+ in Australia. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.” Now all I need is a serious drop in the price of games (in Australia, a new release costs $80-$110), an eradication of every spider larger than a dime, and for Saints Row IV to get rated by the Australian Classification Board so it can release before I’ll consider living there.

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  • turtlenipple

    Everything is expensive there because their minimum wage is a lot higher there. When I was there in 2011 I think it was at $14/hr. You should see the price of beer when you don’t know that, it’ll make your heart stop. And I got a huntsmen spider tattoo’d while I was there. Hate them.

  • DaBoogyman

    Adam with games being as expensive as they are here (Thanks EB)your better off going to somewhere like the games are about half the price of EB… And you can get games refused classification.(Already got saints row on pre-order.)The only down side is that they come from England. So they take between 4-14 Business days to arrive… but postage is free….

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