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[Dead Days Of Summer] ‘Alone In The Dark’ Series Giveaway!

Welcome to the Dead Days of Summer, where we try our best to give you something to play/read during the dreaded summer video game drought. Because who goes outside anymore?

Our annual Dead Days of Summer series is back, and I dare say what I have planned for you is no less than a million times more exciting than last year’s event. I say this because this year, we’re giving away free horror games. That’s right — we’re giving away five horror games every day for the next seven days, courtesy of the fine folks at If my math is right, that’s like, 700,000 codes, but then I’ve always been bad at math.

Today, we’re kicking things off by giving away the first four Alone in the Dark games. Details after the break.

If you want a chance at being one of five lucky souls who will be going home with Alone in the Dark 1-3 + The New Nightmare on PC, winning this will be easy.

You know what would suck about being alone in the dark? How about having a paralyzing fear of darkness, also known as Nychtophobia. What I want you to do is comment on this article telling me a phobia you have, and what makes it so bad. For me, it’s Coulrophobia, or a fear of clowns. I have it, and I struggle with it every day.

Winners will be chosen a week from now, on Monday, July 29th.

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  • axlslave

    I used to terrified of spiders. I wasn’t even able to go near a Daddy Long Legs. But since I had children, that fear is not quite as bad. My main fear now is losing my children. Sometimes I cry just at the thought that they could be taken away at any moment. Moments like the ending of (*Spoiler*) The Mist horrify me more than any other thing found in horror films and/or games. I would gladly touch a spider if it meant protecting my kids.

    • anomalymorbid

      I suffer from Arachnophobia,the thing that makes it so bad is well spiders are everywhere and being they make no noise freaks me out even more because they can creep up on you!

  • igby012

    I have a phobia of sharks. What makes it so bad is even at a lake or a swimming pool, I can think too much and terrify myself to the point of becoming frozen.

  • Kane Soto

    Arachnophobia…. when i was a kid i was camping out in our back yard and woke up with a wolf spider the size of my face ON my face….. ive feared those ugly little shits ever since :-\

  • itsjacobwaltrip

    I’ve got Pediophobia, the fear of dolls! I think the childhood combination of watching Child’s Play movies on repeat and having countless numbers of stuffed animals given to me by family really got to me 0_0

    • Granak

      Oh god. I remember going to a friend’s house when I was younger. Their Mother had this whole hutch full of porcelain dolls. I .. I was so uncomfortable just being in the same house.

  • daysleeper032

    Taphephobia – fear of being buried alive.

  • daysleeper032


  • Kane Soto

    Arachnophobia…. when i was a kid i was camping in our back yard and woke up with a wolf spider the size of my face ON my face…. ive hated those ugly little fuckers ever since…

  • igby012

    I have a phobia of dark water. I can think myself into being so scared that I freeze. I’ll feel something on my leg and my mind will start making up terrifying creatures. What makes it so bad is I can do this in not only lakes but even in swimming pools.

  • fuzzypookah

    I have Koinoniphobia – fear of groups of people. It is a fairly debilitating fear as groups of people are everywhere…

  • megamelfina

    I have a phobia of needles. It’s really bad, I have fainted before when there is a surprise needle jab in movies or on TV (please see Dexter). Usually it’s something I can avoid but going to the doctor is pretty much my least favorite thing in the world.

  • Froggykitty

    I live with severe Arachnophobia. Most days I get along fine but when I see a spider, big or small, I turn into a babbling, terrified, 2 year old, unable to fend for myself.

  • ZydrateGirl

    I am absolutely terrified of tiny spiders. The big ones freak me out too, but not as much as the tiny ones. Tiny spiders can crawl into your various orifices, and you’d never know, until you hear their creepy little feet traipsing around on your eardrum.

  • tojphantom

    Bathophobia I can’t do shit at theme parks without getting scared. Also made going to the top of the Empire State Building during a class trip a nightmare.

  • jeepfreek71

    Hearses make me physically sick. No idea why. Ok with everything else ‘dead’ related..but not the car…..

    Necrophobia – This is the fear of dead people and everything associated with death, such as a coffin, a hearse or a funeral home

  • spicee

    claustrophobia. fear of close spaces. had an mri recently and had the feeling of being thrown in a coffin in a deep grave with soil being shoveled on me.

  • mistercheese

    Fear of spiders inside the toilet when I have to go

  • Mdolla650

    melissophobia or apiphobia – Fear of Bees. I have no idea why but I can’t be anywhere near bees or I freak out like mad crazy.

  • walklikeagiant

    I think I have a fear of death. Not the pain involved, but I guess it has to do with either A: the end of my consciousness, or B: my consciousness lasting forever. If I dwell on it, it is almost like I start to peer into the void. I have to force myself to stop or I feel like I could go insane!

  • Desireeblood

    I have a fear of dying. It’s not to the extreme to where I live my days not even going out the front door but, the fear is there. It makes me emotional to think about dying young. Also, a fear of bees. Any kind of bee freaks me out. I scream and run and sometimes even cry.

  • InFlamesOfBirchmen

    I realize it isn’t special, but I’m an arachnophobe. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t live near the woods. They’ve basically taken over every corner in my apartment. It’s gotten so bad that whenever someone comments on how many there are, I simply say, “yeah…that’s their corner. They have their area and I have mine.”

  • Raziel_cz

    I have tanatophobia – a fear of death. And it sucks quite a lot as I’m forced to live with this consuming anxiety… well, until I die. The worst is that I like horror, black humor and other more or less death-connected things so I’m always exposed to something that reminds me my own mortality and that I simply won’t wake up one day (in a better case). Sometimes it gets me on totally unexpected places, like on a bus. I start to panic, want to run away, but you of course can’t escape from a feeling. You only know that time is running out and you can’t do anything about it. You can take a deep breath and hope that it’ll help. I want to believe that there is something on the other side, but obviously noone can promise me that with certainty. And I’m scared that I will be no more, that my mind, my existence is fleeting. And that’s something I’m not able to even imagine. Something completely terrifying.

  • chad002


  • EdWiN.isamonster

    This is going to be really stupid but, don’t anyone dare laugh, I have a sight variation of Podophobia. It’s a fear of feet. It can be a fear of your own or anyone else’s feet and I have absolutely no idea when it first started. Feet have always freaked me out, though it’s never been my own, and I am terrified of people grabbing at them or touching their feet to mine. I immediately jump into a fight or flight mode when someone has touched my feet or attempted to play a game of footsie with me and it never turns out well. Absolutely NOTHING terrifies me more.

  • snarfle96

    Aracnophobia. Ever since I was a baby till I was 11 we lived in this house that had spiders EVERYWHERE. Also, we basically had some wood behind our backyard and there was this really big tree near my neighbor’s. Well one hot summer day they cut that huge tree down. And out came all the spiders. I was afraid of going anywhere or doing anything in that house. Glad Im not there anymore.
    Still, spiders give me the heebie jeebies!!!

  • Hatecrew4life

    I have a fear of ships and any boat larger than a speed boat. ESPECIALLY when they are sunk under water or wrecked in any way, shape, or form. I have not found any technical phobia for it, but I label it as a mix between megalophobia/hydrophobia, but I am not afraid of water. If I know a shipwreck could be in the water, I will get as far away from it as possible. I.E. the Great Lakes. I was even kayaking one day with a friend in a small river and everything was going well and he said, “Ya know, there could be a ship in here.” and I immediately got very tense and had to convince myself there was no way there could be one in there. I cannot even play a videogame in which you need to be in the same area as a ship/shipwreck. NO WAY.

  • pyrepunk

    I have Jellyfish Phobia (the name of the actual phobia) I am absolutely terrified of them and have fears of being caught in a swarm of them.

  • Meliorn

    Don’t think mine has a name, but I am afraid of ceiling fans. Hate being around them, hate when they are on. Id rather be hot and miserable then to be around a ceiling fan.

  • spizik

    Atychiphobia- the fear of being a failure. It can either keep me from going an attempting new things but what is worse is actually trying something and refusing to stop until its finished. The worst case was at work I dislocated my wrist, put it back in myself, didn’t let my boss know until the end of the day after a glass of wine. Now I have a different job, roughly 70% strength in my dominant hand which sucks when your a graphic designer and have to use it all day.

  • ljbad

    Thalassophobia. The fear of oceans and deep water. I’ve almost drowned in the ocean several times so that’s where that comes from. Also, that’s why I’ve always wanted a game like Endless Ocean but as a Survival Horror.

  • Kaosknife123

    Hahaha I have agoraphobia, which makes doing ANYTHING a total bitch, man.

  • wallyweeber

    Anthropophobia – I fear society is collapsing and I can’t do anything about it. I fear people so I can’t try and help. I get clammy and nervous whenever I talk to someone I don’t know, and sometimes even with people I do know.
    I don’t know what it would be called, but I definitely have a fear of telling the truth to people also. I just can’t seem to open up to people, it makes me a nervous wreck. So if I ever meet you and we start to talk, expect an awkward situation. I’ll smile, nod, and probably agree with everything you’re saying. But truthfully in my head I’m losing it. I’ll have my hands in my pocket twirling my guitar pics, pressing buttons on my phone, I’ll be sweating, and I’ll be holding back the urge to call you an idiot and that we’ll ever speak again so what’s the point of having this conversation.

  • ziggyluna

    Parasitophobia-I have an extreme fear of being infested with parasites. Sometimes a true horror movie for me is watching discovery channel where someone is infested with worms. I can imagine them slowly filling up my intestines and traveling through my blood stream to my brain where they will start crawling out of my ears and mouth.

  • FightinTxAggie98

    Acrophobia… anything over about three feet. Since it starts at such a small height, it causes problems daily!

  • TheDeadman19

    Anatidaephobia – The fear of being watched by a duck.
    It all started when I was 9 years old. My parents used to live in the woods, a few miles outside of town. One night, they went out for dinner somewhere and left me alone at home.
    Everything was going fine, until sometime late at night. . . I heard a knock on the window. At the time, I was snuggled up in my bed, reading one horror book or another, so I was kinda frightened. As I opened the window, a clown jumped inside and started eating my dirty socks. I couldn’t move and my legs began to shake. Eventually, tears were streaming down my face and i must’ve wet myself. But the she-clown paid no attention to me. She just went on putting the socks in her mouth. I was a poor kid, so we couldn’t afford to wash very often. I had a lot of dirty socks. It took her hours to eat them, all while I was standing in my own urine, crying like a little schoolgirl. At 1 am, I remember because she was stuffing the last sock in her mouth, the clown turned and looked me straight in the eyes. And she said:
    “What are you doing here you silly duck. Stop peeing on the floor. I’m trying to eat.”
    The I turned into a puppy, sitting underneath the dinner table, watching my family and myself eat. I had peed all over the floor and was rolling in it.
    My parents had duck heads instead of their normal faces.
    They kicked me out of the house and I ate some mushroom. Now I’m a fairy living underneath your bed, crying when you masturbate.

  • SDPogue

    I’m afraid of snakes which is usually okay because we don’t have many here. However, there are rattlesnakes at the river so guess where I don’t go very often?

  • GamingMaiden

    Arachnophobia. I can’t watch Eight Legged Freaks. I wish I was joking.

  • devonm90

    One night when i was young, a cockroach crawls on me when I was sleeping. The subtle movement wakes me up and out of reflex, I strike it with my hand… but it was filled with smaller bugs that swarmed the bed. Traumatic when you’re five years old.

  • devonm90

    When I was five, a cockroach crawled on me while I was sleeping. The subtle movement woke me up, and out of reflex I hit the bug to kill. Unfortunately, there was a mass of smaller insects inside of it, that then swarmed my bed. Traumatic at a young age.

  • sternaphile

    My phobia would have to be Kinemortophobia – the fear of zombies. They are relentless, tireless, creatures, that with every loss to our side their side grows stronger. I’m convinced that this WILL happen someday

  • SickAxe

    My phobia is sharks. Like my worst memory in my childhood was that I woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to the bathroom, BUT, I was so positive that outside my room there was a shark standing there on his fin, just waiting for me, and of course on the other side of my door was the monster from the movie Terrorvision standing on the other side.
    So yeah I pissed out my window like A Lot!

  • Ultrazilla

    I have Moviegoerphobia…cause the fact that movie goers in the U.S. would rather go see Thrown Ups 2 instead of Pacific Rim SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!

    Oh, and I’m kinda creeped out by snakes.

  • Black_dahlia

    Glossophobia, the fear of speaking in public. I -HATE- it. I’m fine with writing things, but for some reason speaking freaks me the heck out. I’m not afraid of much of anything…but I’ve almost broken down crying in the middle of giving a presentation in front of a crowd. I don’t even feel all that comfortable talking to strangers, and I assure you, it’s not a fun thing to have at parties.

  • Black_dahlia

    Hmm…I guess this didn’t post the first time.

    Glossophobia, the fear of speaking in public. I -HATE- it. I’m fine with writing things, but for some reason speaking freaks me the heck out. I’m not afraid of much of anything…but I’ve almost broken down crying […]


    Well my phobia is nothing special. It’s actually pretty common. “Arachnophobia.” What makes it so bad for me that I can’t even look at a photo of one for too long. Especially when it’s a HD close up. Even picturing it in my head causes me to have a twitch followed by a shiver in my spine. It was even worse when I was a young child. I would sit up in my bed crying at night refusing to go to sleep because I was afraid of a spider crawling into my bed. It also didn’t help that we lived in the country and my brother would catch Tarantulas that lived around the house for fun. Needles to say many escaped and were never found. 🙁

  • J-SiN


  • TkMeToYrLdr

    I have an extreme fear of open dark places. Wether it be the woods, a field, or an unlit room next to the one I’m in. I CANNOT look into the darkness of those spaces, it scares the shit out of me. It’s bad enough that I sleep with the covers over my face cause staring into the dark for too long causes me to see shit. I hallucinate some of the creepiest shit if I stare too long and it’s horrible.

    The first time I saw Paranormal Activity, I literally did not sleep. Not because it was particularly scary, but because the concept fucked with my fear and made it cripplingly hard to not lose my cool in the dark that night.

  • Evan3

    Atychiphobia – Fear of failure. Yikes, I can’t imagine failing, blech! I used to have arachnophobia, but was able to reason through it given the fact that I am generally 1,000 times bigger than any spider I am likely to meet (granted, I am still terrified of big ass spiders like the bird-eating variety and camel spiders).

  • daemontech

    Parasitopobia. I live in abject terror of contracting a parasitic infestation. It’s to the point that even the thought of lice, ticks, tape worms or any other parasitic life form. Will makes my skin crawl and itch as if a thousand evil little monstrosities has crawled out of my nightmares and are now living just under my skin. Quite frequently this feeling leads to unstoppable scratching, and I mean unstoppable. On more than one occasion I have drawn blood and hurt my self in other ways. I firmly believe that if I ever found my self to be infested I would probably do serious damage to my own body in an attempt to insure it’s destruction. Oddly enough this phobia ties into an obsessive compulsive need to pick at any form of pimple, mole or other natural body defect until it has been removed usually bloodily. As a result my arms are covered in small scars and to a lesser degree my face as well. On the up side I am obsessive when it comes to personal hygiene, showering at least twice a day and combing my hair frequently to ensure nothing has made its home on my body. Now if you would excuse me I have to scratch every inch of my body. As it now feels like I just rolled in an ant hill and there only desire is to use me as there new hive.

  • BornVillian

    I have had a bad case of Aquaphobia for most of my life. I’ve never known how to swim and between the ages of 5-12, I must’ve almost drowned at least 15 times. I guess it took that many times before I learned my lesson and avoided pools or bodies of water all together. I hyperventilate really bad when ever around a body of water. For a while it was even hard to drink water without freaking out a little.It sucks never being able to go swimming with friends during these hot summers. I love the rain but when it pours its like torture to me. For me its just so weird psychologically to me afraid of water. I think about it and laugh because of how silly it might seem. But when faced in the moment, this uncontrollable fear takes over. Its just extremely interesting.

    Oh….and E.T. Did I mention how freaky and creepy E.T. is?

  • refan89

    Arachnophobia and claustrophobia and it’s irritating because both are ubiquitous in our world. Everywhere I look there’s a spider or a small area I could get trapped it.

  • BornVillian

    (Sorry if a double post happens. I posted and waited for an hour but nothing showed up. So I’m just posting again.)

    I have had a bad case of Aquaphobia for most of my life. I’ve never known how to swim and between the ages of 5-12, I must’ve almost drowned at least 15 times. I guess it took that many times before I learned my lesson and avoided pools or bodies of water all together. I hyperventilate really bad when ever around a body of water. For a while it was even hard to drink water without freaking out a little.It sucks never being able to go swimming with friends during these hot summers. I love the rain but when it pours its like torture to me. For me its just so weird psychologically to me afraid of water. I think about it and laugh because of how silly it might seem. But when faced in the moment, this uncontrollable fear takes over. Its just extremely interesting.

    Oh….and E.T. Did I mention how freaky and creepy E.T. is?

  • joshfruto

    I have the biggest fear of spiders of any kind. My arachnophobia has been crippling me while I take peaceful showers every morning. It’s the worst feeling to look up and just see some creepy spider making a web above the shower head. I HATE IT.

  • mikekittle

    I guess I could call it hydrophobia (although I don’t have rabies when I say that), but I have a fear of open water. Other then that I am pretty fearless, and I wouldn’t even call it a big fear. I’ve almost drowned twice when I was younger, so whenever I am on an open boat overlooking water, I get a lingering sense of worry that the 3rd time will be the charm.

  • stoner-zombie

    Thalassophobia,the fear of the ocean. Jaws screwed me up as a kid. That and I live near Galveston,TX , where the river dumps into the ocean and you can’t see anything around you. Sucks when we got to the beach as a group and I’m the only one not swimming lol. It’s ok, my friends and family making fun of me usually run into the jellyfish swarms they don’t see coming :). Gotta love karma.

  • don’t_cry

    Anablephobia, usually only when I’m off the ground like on a ladder or trimming branches while on the roof. When you do tricks in the air your body follows your head, so when I’m off the ground I’m so afraid if I look up my head will pull me off of where I’m standing. Looking down, no matter how high I am is no problem…looking up is extremely hard for me.

  • don’t_cry

    Anablephobia, usually only when I’m off the ground, like on a ladder or trimming branches on the roof. Your body follows your head right?, so when I look up I feel like I’ll fall back off of where I’m standing. Looking down no matter how high I am is no problem…looking up is extremely hard to do.

  • don’t_cry

    Third time’s a charm, I guess.

    Anablephobia, usually only when I’m off the ground, like on a ladder or trimming branches on the roof. Your body follows your head right?, so when I look up I feel like I’ll fall back off of where I’m standing. Looking down no matter how high I am is no problem…looking up is extremely hard to do.

  • don’t_cry

    What’s the deal with this thing?
    Third time’s a charm, I guess.

    Anablephobia, usually only when I’m off the ground, like on a ladder or trimming branches on the roof. Your body follows your head right?, so when I look up I feel like I’ll fall back off of where I’m standing. Looking down no matter how high I am is no problem…looking up is extremely hard to do.

  • Lolitaix

    Social phobia. I hate going to crowded places, because I feel like everyone is watching me. My throat gets dry, my heart starts pounding and I think only about getting out of there. I can’t ask a simple question in shop or market, because I feel like something embarassing will happen to me. And it’s even worse when it’s summer with all that damn tropical hot weather. It feels like sun and heat is getting under my skin and I hate it with a passion. I’m probably some lost niece of an old vampire clan (nope, not those sparkly vegetarian ones) and I hope we will rejoin someday.

  • W0rthyTimel0rd

    daemonophobia – fear the deamons!! For they wont come soon enough.

  • BlackMecha138

    Acrophobia, i can even get close to looking down when i’m more then 10 feet off the ground.

  • Granak

    I guess, for me, it has to entomophobia. Listed as general fear of insects but, in particular for me, it’s bees and wasps (yellowjackets). I lose my fucking mind if I have any or both of them near me at the same time. I stepped on a bee in my yard as I was playing in the mud as a kid and my foot was swollen for a few days after. I also found out later that if I get stung by a yellowjacket it could kill me! Thus if a wasp of any kind is around I’m gettin’ the fuck out of Dodge.

    It got to a point that one day I stopped at convenience store and I saw a bee buzzing about my door as I was coming back with a drink in hand. I immediately began to panic and played a game of “Let’s get the fuck in the car while I am still alive before this bee kills me” (Yes. I know, rationally, that just some honey bee isn’t even going to aggressively sting. It’s all defensive.) It swooped up and over to the roof of the car I dove inside my truck. I LOCKED THE DOORS. BECAUSE OF THE BEE GUYS. BECAUSE OF THE BEE. Fuck I hate this fear I have. The wasps thing is, well, partially due to my allergic reaction I have to them (Nearly died when I was young because of it) and also just fuck wasps. Fuck them so hard.

  • Iceyangel

    Arachnophobia I see one of any kind and I’m gone. I have the fear that they will devour me as I sleep or bite.

  • RoseChildD

    Trypophobia- the fear of repetitive hole patterns, such as beehives, coral reefs, lotus seeds, etc. Just the thought of this (and as I am writing this) makes me feel like they are all over my body and my skin starts to crawl. Unpleasant to say the least.

  • nowherejenn

    Electrophobia. I was jolted as a kid and haven’t been able to look at a plug the same ever since. I have a horrible mental block with anything to do with electricity and all of my elec engineering classes were painful; can’t even build a basic circuit without my teeth vibrating, even when there’s no power to the circuit board.

  • lindahl

    Heights and spiders. The fear of spiders is the worst because you really can’t get away from them anywhere. The fear of heights is manageable because I can just stay away from high places.

  • fetysha

    Katsaridaphobia, otherwise known as fear of cockroaches. It all started when I was about 8 years old and had to go help clean out a distant relative’s house. The house was so infested, the roaches were everywhere: in the lining of the microwave, in the toaster, all over the bathroom. Of course, for the next week or so I bathed compulsively and always felt like I had them crawling on me. Just the thought of one is enough to make my skin crawl, let alone seeing one.

  • Tainted

    hypnophobia – fear of sleep, well more like fear of not waking up or in that state when you are asleep but awake and can’t move. still happens to me from time to time but was really bad when i was a kid.

  • Bill Vermeersch

    I have an extreme case of both Acrophobia and Claustrophobia. Plus, I hate the dark as well. Could you imagine, if I was put in a casket, suspended in air, and it being pitch black inside? I would probably crap my pants, die of a heart attack, and then because I have died and my muscles have relaxed…piss and crap pants again…Scary..

  • my fear is a common one you’d expect: claustrophobia. what is uncommon (and honestly I never really gave it much thought until this contest) are all the experiences I’ve had with it as well as what I feel triggered it.

    When I was young I can remember a game of truth or dare with my older cousins from long island going terribly wrong. Since I was the youngest I was clearly the target. We would always play in the laundry room in the basement because it was the only place where we could be away from the adults yet still technically in doors. When forced to answer an embarrassing question, in retrospect I now see that humiliation would have been preferable over what was about to come. My older cousin dared me to spend one full minute in the dryer.

    As I crawled inside, I could feel how tight and cramped the space within was even if I was a small kid. Much to my dismay my cousin took it 2 steps forward. He closed the door behind me and turned the lights to the laundry mat off, forcing the other cousins out into the hallway. alone in the dark indeed.

    I can remember the feint breath i took wondering what happened to the lights. As I tried to slip back out, i felt the door closed at my feet. I panicked, almost convulsing from the unnerving fear. In a frenzied state, your mind races at a thousand miles an hour. What is going to get you? The tight, close quarters, the shortage of air, your own thoughts as you borderline hallucinate? Looking back I almost wished I had passed out to prevent experiencing every traumatizing moment. In a situation your panicked mind can’t help but feel the walls closing in on you. Every kick on the door only pushed my body further into the dryer, my head pressing ever harder against the back of the machine.

    If it wasn’t for my other cousins outnumbering the ringleader and fighting off the others, i probably would have slipped into that shock that I was almost craving for. At the moment before they pulled me out I was begging for any kind of release from that hell.

    From then on, close quarters irk me in ways that I feel as though I might unravel from all the tension. This can be especially challenging since I commute to work. Just the sight of all those bodies, pushing and shoving, pressing up against each other and rushing this way and that, jumping at the chance to grab an open seat, making a b-line towards their exit. It’s just entirely too much movement in my vicinity. I feel all the air being sucked out of the train car. Even walking in New York. All that people traffic can be overwhelming.

    I have suffered from panic/anxiety attacks in the past. How the body can be in an open space and feel such a surge of vertigo while simultaneously enduring elevated heart rate and labored breathing is a cruel twist of irony. I remember the fear of wondering how could all this be happening when I was on my porch. I had felt it coming on and mustered the strength to get outside into the fresh air and yet to no avail. The flashbacks to my childhood were unsettling to say the least.

    I cannot even look at large snakes. Just the girth of something legless and its slithering motions. When I saw the movie Anaconda and saw how these things eat, my heart sank. Instead of making my skin crawl, i felt it tighten around my bones. I am convinced that the mere sight of one of these monsters would be enough to kill me. It wouldn’t need to coil it’s body around mine just for the simple fact that the idea of it coiling it’s body around mine would be sufficient to kill me.

    And then there is my chronic sleep paralysis. For those who don’t know sleep paralysis is the condition of being awake with your eyes closed yet being seemingly unable to move. I actually experienced this over 4th of July weekend. I was actually laying on my side with a sheet over my face and I could barely breathe. if you suffer from this you know the labor it takes to literally break yourself out of the paralysis, the effort it takes just to lift your arm. I feel the room closing in on me until it’s no bigger than a laundry room dryer. and that’s my phobia

  • chubungie

    I have conform-iphobia: The fear of being conformed. LONG LIVE HORROR!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Sociophobia aka social anxiety. I deal with this every day of my life and it’s really bad.

  • tyron039

    i used to be scared of Pink Panther, i live in south africa & we have these railway houses with like not a cellar but the there is a gap under the house for storage as the house were built off the ground about a metre, & wheneva i would walk past the small entrance i thought pink panther was waiting there to pull me in & kill me, haha now thinking back on it i laugh lol

  • Alex

    My phobia is cockroaches. Just the way they look gives me the creeps. I’m fine with any other bug, but when it comes to roaches I cant handle it. I start getting heat flashes and really itchy when I see them.

  • greychild

    I have arachnophobia. It sucks, because not only do we live in a really old house with a bunch of spiders, but my wife has an even worse case of arachnophobia, so I end up having to be the one to deal with them.

  • Sessionsz

    Phobia wise..I have a fear of snakes… >.>

    and ya.

    dummys… like.. creep me out.. they are looking at you!!!! don’t trust them!!!!!

  • Darte

    I have a phobia of clowns, to some extent. I get pretty damn nervous around those creepy things.
    Blame CarnEvil being my first exposure to them.
    Otherwise, being alone.

  • RoomOfAngel

    I have a phobia of things shaking, like the “monster” in Jacob’s Ladder Asylum. I don’t know why, but things moving that weirdly totally creeps me out, which makes some horror games hard to bear. (Fatal Frame, Silent Hill)

  • srf019

    I don’t usually tell it to people, it’s kind of silly, but something that really bothers me it’s dreaming.

    Of course that what determines that a person has a “phobia” is not just a little scare, a small nuisance that makes you to be always intrigued with the dark, or afraid to go and kill spider because it jumps, a phobia is something much more serious than that. Many people uses the term to refer to a moderate fear, which is normal, no one likes to hear that their fears are less serious than the fear of others, or worse, that their fears are just fussiness. I think that’s why I avoid to talk about it, I don’t know if I’m a phobic person.

    It turns out that oneirophobia is complicated. You can get away from spiders, you can keep the lights on, but you can’t avoid to sleep, and once you went to the realm of the unconsciousness, you have no defenses dude, you cannot run, you cannot trigger devices or search for weapons, you just cannot call someone to help you. You do not have control over the game anymore.

    I don’t know exactly when it started, I never got to the point of getting a psychological help, but I researched a lot about it, it’s a scarce topic, by the way. They always say that the main cause is some sort of trauma, but I can’t say I’ve been through something like that, I just know that it gradually started to bother me more and more.

    I honestly don’t remember having good dreams, as we see people saying around, but not bad ones too. My dreams are always just troubled, confused and give me a bad feeling, an anguish. I started sleeping with television turned on, because I thought I would be falling to sleep involuntarily, since I had noticed that when you try to sleep alone with your thoughts and have something bothering you, you just takes longer to get to sleep and it will appear over the night, in the form of dreams. Big mistake, it only made things worst, the animated series from cartoon network enters your brain like a poison and you’re freakin’ lost. Seriously man, I’m not a guy of many fears, I think even that I have a relatively good capacity to face things that scares me or risky situations, but I’ve woke up several times in the night, with no idea of ​​what was happening, with a horrible feeling of panic, that feeling that you don’t know what to do and it seems that the world around you is completely crumbled. After a few minutes, even seconds, you are back to yourself, thinking clearer than water, and laughing like you’ve done the dumbest thing ever. Yet, you can’t back to sleep so easily.

    No, I don’t speak of nightmares, I never had nightmares, never dreamed of monsters, tragic situations or anything bad that scares just for the badness, they are just … dreams, and they bother me.

    (once it happened when I slept with a girl, haha, it was funny, actually. I said I had a nightmare, I’m sure she believed and we followed our lives. We’ve never slept together again, but I know it had nothing to do with that, just a funny situation. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I were married…)

    Anyway, today I managed to develop some techniques to avoid dreams, I mean, they say you always dream but not always remember when you wake up, and that’s all I want. Avoid too much information imediatly before goes to bed helps a lot, not that you can’t do anything, I even watch scarry movies and play games by night without any problems, I never was impressionable and as I said, is not a matter of escaping from nightmares, is fleeing a stormy night with dreams. The physical fatigue is also your friend because it helps you to sleep more continuously, there is no better feeling than going to bed tired and wake up only the in next morning, as if that time never existed. But the mental fatigue is your worst enemy: your brain tries to process everything overnight, and BANG. You can expect a harrowing dawn.

  • reeladdict

    I have a phobia of dolls. It mostly extends to porcelain dolls and ventriloquist dummy dolls. When I was younger my grandmother would buy me a lot of porcelain dolls and a “kid sister” doll and I would lock them in a little wardrobe.

  • Gonçalo Pacheco

    Not really sure if it’s called Thalassophobia but I just can’t see myself swimming in the dark deep waters by myself. I’m not scared of swimming in the sea but only when you are very far away and it starts getting very dark and it’s so deep down there… it’s the same thing with those big lakes… I always start thinking what if I get caught by something? something simple as seaweed / water plant and you just can’t seem to get out of it then you get tired… and yeh….

  • Gonçalo Pacheco

    I also forgot to mention not sure if this is the right name Phagophobia? I’m really scared of slowly being eaten alive…

  • plainsmaster

    don’t know if there is a name for it, but thanks to a episode of either tales from the dark side or The Dark room, where the house had a closet with a smaller locked door in the back of the closet that a little creepy monster lived in. I can’t get comfortable and really would prefer not to stay in a house if it has any closet or closet like place with a smaller door inside of it. I don’t know where that door goes and I don’t want to know.

  • Felix

    I’m afraid of my own body. The thought of all the organs in there, all the flesh and blood…. It’s the only thing keeping me alive, and I’m constantly moving all of it around, pushing food and liquids through it. Even when I’m not consciously doing anything to my body, my organs still continue to function, squeezing juices and chemicals through my veins. On top of it all are my bones, hard as petrified wood, stuck right in the middle of all my squishy, blood filled sacks. It isn’t too far fetched to think that I might one day burst open and spill all over the carpet in my house. It’s horrifying, really.

  • Olivia

    I have the most ridiculous phobia; I’ve never met anyone with it and I’m not sure that it even has a name. I’m deathly afraid of the people dressed up in the giant character costumes at amusement parks. Just thinking about them makes me nauseous.

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