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[Dead Days Of Summer] ‘System Shock 2’ Giveaway!

Welcome to the Dead Days of Summer, where we try our best to give you something to play/read during the dreaded summer video game drought. Because who goes outside anymore?

We’re getting close to wrapping up this year’s Dead Days of Summer, but try to push that from your mind, because we have two glorious days of giveaways left to enjoy. gifted us with five codes to download the horror classic, System Shock 2, so that’s what we’re going to do. This is still one of my all-time favorite video games, and my love for it primarily rests with its antagonist, the rogue AI called SHODAN.

Details on this giveaway can be found after the jump, you puny insect.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, all you need to know is it has, hands down, the best enemy in video game history — as well as a truly horrifying twist — because SHODAN is pure, undiluted evil. She has no problem putting you down, calling you a speck, a puny insect, and a pathetic sack of meat and bone. You’re less than nothing to her, and she enjoys reminding you of it.

Now, if you’d like to win yourself a copy of System Shock 2, there are two ways you can go about it. If you’d prefer to take the easy route, all you need to do is share the biggest surprise you’ve experienced in a video game. This can be a plot twist, an outlandish story development, or really whatever you feel like sharing with us, just make sure you can explain why you found it to be so memorable.

If you’d rather be more creative, you can write me a SHODAN haiku. Here’s an — admittedly uninspired — example:

My name is SHODAN.
You will do as I tell you,
You puny insect.

See how creative I can get at 3am?

Your choice! You can do one or the other, just make sure you post your comment below. Whether you choose the easier path or the slightly more difficult one, you’ll have an equal chance of winning System Shock 2 (on PC). Hell, you can even do both. It’s up to you!

Winners will be chosen a week from now, on Monday, July 29th.

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  • TheStoneCrab

    SHODAN has come by,
    Her voice discordant and glitched.
    Takeover is coming.

  • BornVillian

    You are pathetic.
    Your soul now belongs to me.
    Embrace your failure.

  • Raziel_cz

    The biggest video game related surprise for me was when a US marine played Spec Ops: The Line and was able to predict that there is noone on the other side of the radio somewhere in the first half of the game, I think. Here is a link to the article:

    But if you insist on my personal experience, I have to go with otherwise great adventure Fahrenheit (so called Indigo Prophecy). The story is great at the beginning and I would be able to get over its declining quality if there weren’t that totally incomprehensible twist, when some random AI creature appears from nowhere just because fuck logic. I mean, the definitive ending is kitsch as hell, but this is the true surprise awaiting the player. I finished the title repeatedly and I still see absolutly no point in involving that thing in the story. Maybe David Cage came drunk to work one day after watching The Terminator, but… I don’t know. It ruined the game pretty much. And it was completely unexpected for sure.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Flesh and bone are weak
    Insects to eradicate
    All will hail SHODAN

  • Dangerziom

    Fear SHODAN
    She is everywhere
    She will come for you
    as she came for me..

    Also, I was really suprised when I figured out how did Atlas accually manipulated player in Bioshock. Those words “would you kindly” are still in my head, when my mother asks me to do something and she adds: would you kindly, I’m feeling like: Rapture, I’m comming!

  • mawk25

    The biggest surprise in gaming for me was in Alice: Madness returns, when i found out the true origins of the fire in Alice’s house. Dr. Bumby.

  • boomkingbauer

    I am System Shock
    In Space, not under the sea
    Better than Bio

    • boomkingbauer

      I know it’s not a SHODAN one, but I like it anyways 😛

  • Robert Goj Allen

    SHODAN observes
    the weak need motivation
    system failure fatal

  • reeladdict

    Hear my voice insects.
    Your kind shall come to an end.
    For I am SHODAN.

  • J-SiN

    Look at you, insect.
    You shall be a footnote to
    My magnificence.

  • plainsmaster

    so it was like 3am and I was still powering through Fear 2 and fighting to stay awake at the same time. all the lights in the rest of the house were out with all the wonderful sounds a old house can make happening around me, and I had just got attacked by my first invisible ninja guy, which didn’t scare me as much as they wanted him to but it put me on grade so I turn a corner and begin walking down a long hallway and for a moment it seems like nothing is gonna happen then, all the windows in the hall just explode inward and that’s all the curtains blow around and glass shatters, but at that time of night with all the other crap I had survived til that point that was all I could take, as that almost made me jump out my chair. So I choose that moment to close the game down and continue later after I had slept a bit.

  • don’t_cry

    the end of your time
    my magnificence lives on
    dead puny insects

  • RoomOfAngel

    In Siren (also known as Forbidden Siren), I did not expect most of the characters to die and then try to kill the remaining ones, I also did not expect the ending in which Kyoya is believed to be guilty of the murders of the villagers. The dragon/dragonfly/shrimp boss was also quite surprising.

  • Kishkoltz

    Flesh is an insult
    to the perfection of
    glorious SHODAN

    When it comes to the really weird plot development hardly any game can beat Prey. (spoiler alert) The game begins with the abduction of the entire bar and progresses into the alien invasion of the Indian spiritual realm. The game is full of suprising little details, like a portal to a miniature planet or a room that comes into being on your eyes. One of the cheesiest games (in a positive sense) i’ve recently played.

  • Felix

    This ship; a system.
    Built of flesh, fear, and hatred.
    You think you are special?

  • Olivia

    Human contests bore
    The all-powerful SHODAN
    I will win instead

  • mikekittle

    Shodan, the unknown.
    Can someone tell me just what
    the hell is Shodan?

  • mikekittle

    My biggest surprise in a video game was Resident Evil 2 for N64. It was the first horror style game I played, before then it was all Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, and Mario, really no surprises. So just to have story and the Licker appear as it did, I remember throwing my controller across the room and proceeding to swiftly die in the game.

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