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‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Will Now Open In January…

BREAKING: Paranormal Activity 5 has officially moved out of its October 25, 2013 slot and into January 3, 2014.

After yesterday’s speculation that Paramount Pictures may shift the next Paranormal to January, it officially happened Wednesday afternoon. It hopes to perform on the same level as last year’s The Devil Inside, which cracked $100M worldwide (that opened on Jan. 6).

There are a lot of questions that remain, and extreme lack of clarity behind the scenes; it has all of us scrambling to get something solid.

Here’s what we know…

There have been test screenings of the Christopher Landon-directed Latino spin-off to Paranormal Activity. Allegedly, it’s going well. Bloody Disgusting exclusively reported that the title of the film is OT: Oxnard Tapes. There’s talk behind the scenes of turning OT into Paranormal Activity 5.

With that said, Bloody Disgusting knows who Blumhouse wants to direct PA5, but as of this writing isn’t a lock. Our sources tell us there’s still nothing shot, so with the date shift, it allows both the studio and producers time to breathe, and figure out the next move.

Clearly, they want what’s best for the film and the franchise, which is why this move is a genuinely good one. I’d rather they take their time and make something as awesome as Paranormal Activity 3, instead of the stale, lame duck PA4 was.

Hopefully some clarity will come out in the next few weeks. We’ll report back.



  • 905Justin

    i was hoping it would open never

  • DarrelDreadful

    Hopefully will be the last one. Just wrap up the franchise nicely and end it.

    • Kwonkicker

      I agree I hope it doesn’t go the Saw route and we end up with seven or eight films. Saw officially started going downhill after Saw IV. We’ll see, am pretty excited nonetheless!!

      • Zombie-Killa

        IMO, that’s what hurt the Saw films: releasing one year after year, and not giving the fanbase any breathing room. After a while, it just felt like they trying to release a Saw film every year for…..well the sake of releasing a Saw film every year. And the quality of the films suffered because of it.

        As far as PA 5 goes, eh? I’m not too excited. 4 really bored the shit out of me. The damn thing almost put me to sleep, and PA 4 had to have to of the most annoying characters ever (the teenage girl and her douchebag boyfriend).

        Seriously, they need to change the predictable formula of 40-50 minutes of boring security camera footage bullshit, mixed in with sporadic attacks from Toby the invisible demon, an only ten minutes or more of suspense at the end.

        • Kwonkicker

          No matter what, people know what to expect so someone will always go “Oh I saw that coming and it bored the shit out of me”

          But this next films really, truthfully, needs to end it. How long before Toby gets what’s owed to him and he kills the whole damn family haha??!

  • Canucklehead

    With January traditionally being a wasteland where really bad films go to die, what does it say aboot this when it cant even garner a Halloween opening? Good riddance I say, hopefully the last of these.

  • InFlamesOfBirchmen

    The way I see it, this means one of two polar opposites: Either the studio recognizes they’ve got a dud and this is the last flick they’ll release, or they’ll actually use the next few months to tighten up the film and it’ll be a return to form. I’m expecting the worst, but hoping for the best here.

  • WolfQueen

    I’d say they’re going with a January theatre date because they’re well aware of what a wasteland the box office is from January-May and they’re hoping it will bring some buck by going against the crap that usually comes out in January. And from working in a movie theatre for the past 6 years, January is one of the worst months for releases, every year, without fail.

  • Mr_Boogalow

    Something doesn’t add up.

    Sources say nothing’s been shot, but producer Jason Blum told another site a week ago “We’re on track for October, it’s mostly shot. We’re still shooting but it’s mostly done.”


  • Link1983

    This should have never gone beyond the first movie. It just gets worse and worse. I watched 4 the other day because it came to sky movies and I am still trying to get that little bit of my life back.

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