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‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Will Now Open In January…

BREAKING: Paranormal Activity 5 has officially moved out of its October 25, 2013 slot and into January 3, 2014.

After yesterday’s speculation that Paramount Pictures may shift the next Paranormal to January, it officially happened Wednesday afternoon. It hopes to perform on the same level as last year’s The Devil Inside, which cracked $100M worldwide (that opened on Jan. 6).

There are a lot of questions that remain, and extreme lack of clarity behind the scenes; it has all of us scrambling to get something solid.

Here’s what we know…

There have been test screenings of the Christopher Landon-directed Latino spin-off to Paranormal Activity. Allegedly, it’s going well. Bloody Disgusting exclusively reported that the title of the film is OT: Oxnard Tapes. There’s talk behind the scenes of turning OT into Paranormal Activity 5.

With that said, Bloody Disgusting knows who Blumhouse wants to direct PA5, but as of this writing isn’t a lock. Our sources tell us there’s still nothing shot, so with the date shift, it allows both the studio and producers time to breathe, and figure out the next move.

Clearly, they want what’s best for the film and the franchise, which is why this move is a genuinely good one. I’d rather they take their time and make something as awesome as Paranormal Activity 3, instead of the stale, lame duck PA4 was.

Hopefully some clarity will come out in the next few weeks. We’ll report back.




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