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Review: ‘Dinosaurs Attack’ #1

Watching the History Channel or Animal Planet is a relatively safe way to watch animals from any era. “Dinosaurs Attack” #1 realized this years before these channels existed and gave readers a terrifying sci-fi / disaster / animals attack story. This is a story that was ahead of its time and now we get to see it again.

WRITTEN BY: Gary Gerani
ART BY: Herb Trimpe, Earl Norem
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: July 17th, 2013

I should preface that this is a reprint collection of a series from the mid-90s that also had a trading card aspect to its storytelling. Got it? Good. Knowing that will help with some of the drastic transitions. Super-Genius Professor Elias Thorne has developed a portal to view time like a live newscast. Why? Honestly, it’s not important in the setup of this story. Writer Gary Gerani takes a good long time setting up the world this science exists in.

As this new era of science/history/exploration is about to begin, it’s abruptly thrown a curve. Reptilian eyes look back from the Devonian Era, 300 million years into the past. I get the impression that wasn’t supposed to happen. Artist Herb Trimpe handles the main story with some innovative (for the time) panels and character’s looks. Reading older comics always shows me how far this art of storytelling has evolved: it’s not as clunky or wordy as it used to be. The later half of the story’s art is more gory and horrific as the results of Thorne’s experiments manifest on Earth. Now it’s disaster-horror movie time thanks to Earl Norem’s painted works.

I’m curious to see how or if the art teams are going to balance the story. I’m much more interested in seeing the dinosaurs destroy the world than anything else offered in this first issue. Here’s hoping they smash stuff really well next month.

3/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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