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Synapse Restoring the Original ‘Prom Night’!

The Synapse Films Facebook page made a major announcement during the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con. Get ready for prom, again…

And so, today, I have another surprise (although many of you kind of figured this was coming based on yesterday’s reveal of CURTAINS),” says the site. “The [Prom Night] negative is reportedly in poor condition, but we’re diving in today after our lab has performed many hours of fixing splices and repairs… A Texas Chain Saw Massacre-like restoration may be in order to make this work, but Synapse is up to the task.

So, get ready fro Jamie Lee Curtis in an HD version of the 1980 classic Prom Night!

A little girl is accidently killed playing a game with other kids in an old deserted schoolhouse. The kids swear to silence, but someone saw them do it. Ten years later, the same kids are anticipating the senior Prom and the night of their life. However, that shadow from the tress – the one who saw their deed – has chosen this night to seek revenge. It is going to be a Prom no one will forget.



  • djblack1313

    HELL YES!! i love this movie. it’s genuinely creepy, has some really sad/tragic moments and has one of the BEST chase scenes ever filmed (Wendy). i’m in!

  • dariofulci

    Double hell yes! Prom Night is so underrated. I think it’s a minor classic of the genre.

  • Canucklehead

    Totally worth it to see JLC in HD. Wait, no its not.

  • sweetooth

    Nice, this one’s a gooder but every release of it has looked like utter ass.

    I’m not expecting razor sharpness since it looks like pretty much the whole flick was shot with a diffusion filter, but being able to see what’s going on during the night sequences would be cool.

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