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Clementine Will Return In Season Two Of Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’

In a Comic-Con panel held this past weekend, The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games joined series’ creator Robert Kirkman and IGN’s Greg Miller to discuss the game, the effect it’s had on the industry and where they’re planning on going next with season two.

A notable bit of news from the panel surrounded the promised return of a few familiar faces, including Clementine and Kenny. We’ll finally have Kenny’s fate revealed to us, and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that Clem will play a part in it. In related news, if you played through season one and its more than solid bonus episode, 400 Days, the decisions you made will carry over to season two.

When an audience member (jokingly) asked Telltale president Kevin Bruner how they could get Capcom to fire their staff and give the Resident Evil franchise to Telltale, Bruner responded with “We storm the gates.” Hilarious.

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