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[Exclusive] Lesbian Share Their Favorite Horror Movies



Are you stuck and can’t come up with a good horror movie to watch this weekend? Have no fear as doom metal band Lesbian has come up with a list of fantastic horror movies that you can check out in case you haven’t seen them! Mixing up classics with flat out b-horror and everything in between, it’s a great list to give to your friends/family who haven’t had a lot of exposure to horror. Check it out below!

Lesbian recently released their new album Forestelevision, which you can order here. You can listen to segment three, which we exclusively premiered, here.

Bad Taste: Peter Jackson hasn’t made a better movie to date. It’s super bloody and everyone speaks in crazy New Zealand talk.

Suspiria: Dario rules! And you can’t beat Goblin for a movie score. Crank this one up for literally killer riffs.

Troll 2: Someone gave this to me on VHS dubbed from TV with commercials. Totally the best way to see this one. All the hype is deserved.

Piranha 3D: I thought this would suck. It didn’t. It sooo didn’t. Best date movie ever.

Evil Dead 2: Such a classic. And for good reason. See this one at midnight in a packed theatre.

The Shining: One of the only movies that has managed to actually scare me. The cinematography and watching a man go completely insane are the key ingredients to this film. The woman in the bathtub is the creepiest moment in this film. The twins in the hallway, elevator full of blood and Danny roaming the empty halls on his big wheel are some highlights. Also I love the fact that the guy who figures out there is trouble at the hotel takes the whole film to make it there to try and save the mom and Danny and winds up being axed. I believe he was the only one killed in the film. Brilliant and Kubrick’s attempt at a horror movie is sheer perfection.

Hellraiser: I think I was in sixth grade when I saw this at the theater. The evolution of Frank getting his skin back was quite a shocker for me especially how muscly and bloody this was. The cenobites were instant icons to me. So fucking bad ass and unforgiving. This would be one horror movie that my best friend and I wore out the video tape. I remember coming home from the movie and being scared to go up my stairs because they reminded me of that house. Definitely had nightmares that night.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part Two: Without a doubt my favorite horror movie of all time. I had all of Chop Top’s and the Cook’s lines memorized. “Nam land Nam land it’s a hit it’s a bang it’s a smash.” It mixed the right amount of gore and humor especially compared to the original which is so much scarier and real. Dennis hopper is perfect as lefty. I remember hearing Jerry Was a Race Car Driver the 1st time and knowing exactly where “Dog Will Hunt” came from. So many amazing moments in this film and I could never get tired of watching this film. I think every metal head in the world has a special place in their hearts for this masterpiece.

Inferno: Dario Argento’s second part of his Mother’s trilogy. He stepped out of the box on this one and used Keith Emerson on this soundtrack which is nuts. There are so many weird scenes in this movie. I think it more symbolic than his other films and more colors. It takes a handful of viewings to grasp this one. The end is fucking amazing. If anyone can explain to me why the guy drowning the sack of cats in the pond immediately decides to run over to the food vendor and start killing him, that would be amazing. The music for that scene is perfect. Also it is very hard to say one Dario film is better than another. I choose this one maybe because it is lesser known.

Irreversible: Hands down the hardest movie for me to sit through. Not a traditional horror movie but nonetheless horrific. The movie presents itself in reverse from end to the beginning. The music is noisy and fucked and is one of the most fitting soundtracks to the cinematography. The rape scene and death in the middle is fucked to watch because the camera doesn’t move from the brutality for 15 minutes. Gaspar Noe got a lot of shit for making this film. But it is shot amazingly and does its job as a real shocker. The 1st time I saw this movie it affected me so much that I wrote the riffs for “Irreversible” on our Power Hor album. Definitely more of a black metal vibe.

The Gates of Hell: This movie is creepy as fuck. It’s worth it simply for the “regurgitated giblets” scene alone.

Alien: No explanation necessary really. This movie completely changed the conception of what a horror movie is! Horror/sci-fi crossover at it’s finest. Ultra minimal creature presentation. Totally built upon character development, suspense and tension. Absolute classic.

Phenomena: Great soundtrack. Features Donald Pleasance, as well as a young Jennifer Connelly. Great story arc and use of tension to build the story. One of my favorite Argento films.

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