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It’s a Huge Deal That ‘The Conjuring’ Will Top $100M This Weekend…

As of this writing James Wan’s The Conjuring is the ninth highest grossing supernatural horror movie of all-time. The Warner Bros./New Line Cinema haunter, from the mind behind Saw and Insidious, is going to surpass $100M at the domestic box office this weekend, with no signs of slowing down.

This is a huge deal. Actually, it’s beyond massive. The Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor starrer is being called “too scary” by some critics, which is part of the film’s success. But what’s so astounding is that a studio – Warner Bros. in this instant – took a chance releasing a horror film mid-summer, July 19 to be exact. Typically, horror movies get destroyed in the summer shuffle that’s jam-packed with monster blockbusters. While you can say it was a weak opening weekend, the fact of the matter is that The Conjuring is a summer horror movie release that’s going into the record books. By the end of its miraculous run it could top $140M, which would put it ahead of Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, The Ring and The Grudge for the fourth highest grossing supernatural horror film of all-time. To put it in perspective, his Saw film took in $55M and Insidious made $54. This is James Wan’s horror coup de grâce and is the perfect send-off to his newly minted, monstrous Hollywood career.

But why is it such a big deal that The Conjuring is on pace for $140M? Well, it tells the Hollywood community that horror is hotter than ever, that general audiences like to be scared, and that with proper promotion a good horror film can be insanely successful. Horror needs more support from the big studios, and should stop being treated like the black sheep of the sub-genres.

James Wan started a horror revolution in 2004 with Saw; hopefully the studios recognize the message The Conjuring is sending and be invigorated by is success that they’ll begin supporting horror the way it deserves. This could be the beginning of an era jam-packed with “fresh” ideas, as opposed to stale remakes and franchise sequels. 2014 could be pretty sweet, thanks to Wan, New Line and Warner Bros., both of whom deserve a standing ovation.



  • Nyghtfall

    I absolutely love a good ghost story. The scarier, the better. Unfortunately, it’s not often I see one that genuinely scares the crap out of me. There’s so much focus on showing everything anymore – gore, nudity, violence – that nothing is left to the audience’s imagination, which is where most of our fear stems from. Thankfully, however, there are still a few directors who aren’t afraid to use classic Horror tropes to scare audiences.

    I saw The Amityville Horror when I was 10. There’s a scene at night, in which Margot Kidder is examining her daughter’s second-story bedroom window for signs of disturbance after her daughter tells her her make believe friend escaped out of it. While she’s doing that, a pair of red eyes reveal themselves, stare at her for a moment, and then dart off. I had nightmares for nearly a week after watching that movie, thanks mainly to that scene. Since then – even today, at 42 – if a Horror movie scares me enough, I can’t look out a kitchen window at night without feeling really anxious that I might find a pair of red eyes staring back at me. I call it my “Kitchen Window” test, as I’m more likely to be looking through a kitchen window at night than a bedroom window. If a Horror movie passes that, then it was a monumental success.

    I The Conjuring the night of its opening weekend. It was magnificent. I felt like I was watching Amityville all over again. And I was too afraid to even look at my Kitchen window after returning home.

    • Taboo

      “I felt like I was watching Amityville all over again” I felt the same way!

  • KeepDoubting

    This is incredible! A big congrats to Mr. Wan!

    Now let’s just hope You’re Next gives it a run for it’s money :).

  • Taboo

    Glad to see this film getting all the success it deserves. This was a genuinely scary film with a very distressing atmosphere. I hope we see more of the doll in the next one.

  • RubenHilton93

    I still cant believe this piece of recycled unoriginal shit is getting so much hype. It was not the least bit scary. How many more times will this film be remade!? I am dumb founded how peopled loved this film. Sinister deserved all this hype!

    • Bouncy X

      well its from the same people who made Insidious, another movie that was soooo over hyped and while i dont think it was terrible, it wasnt that good or the least bit eerie or whatnot. it was basically “Jump Scare : The Movie”. so considering that, i’m not surprised to see the praise thrown onto this movie. its a lot of the same people who thought Insidious was good.

      • Kwonkicker

        Ignore the troll, he said the same bullshit in a different post. Sinister WISHES it could be this type of movie.

        Anyway, FUCKIN’ A. I was so stoked for this movie and it did not fail to deliver, HUGELY. James Wan will easily go down in history as one of THE premiere and greatest horror directors of all time. 2013 has been a SPECTACULAR YEAR for horror thus far: Texas Chainsaw, Mama, V/H/S/2 and now this. Once again, THIS is the year that horror dominates.

        • EvilHead1981

          LOL, yeah. Sinister was a HORRIBLE movie. No way in HELL is it deserving of The Conjuring’s praise. Even though The Conjuring was alright(I think it pales in comparison to Insidious), it kicks the shit out of Sinister in direction, writing and acting. Only thing good(ONLY THING) about Sinister is the reel footage. That’s it. For those of you who have yet to see Sinister, I suggest just searching up YouTube vids of those scenes(when Ethan Hawke views the reel footage). Spare yourself the shit of the rest of the movie and horrible CGI monster. Hell, I’d suggest just reading the Wikipedia summery on the story if you’re interested in that. Watching the entire movie isn’t worth it if you are that curious!

    • Taboo

      “I am dumb founded how peopled loved this film.” Well obviously not everyone thinks like you, we all have different tastes.

      I actually might re-watch Sinister tonight just to see if it’s better the second time. Which I doubt lol

    • Julian Nunez

      Sinister was kinda boring when it didn’t show us the super 8 films imo. The Conjuring was far superior.

      • djblack1313

        Julian Nunez, even though i enjoyed (mostly) SINISTER the first time i watched it, i tried to watch it a couple of days ago and i found it very tedious/boring on a 2nd viewing. the only parts that i still find actually creepy as fuck are the super 8 family films/snuff films.

        • Julian Nunez

          Yeah, the super 8 films were great! I thought the first one they showed us was the best.

          • EvilHead1981

            The super 8 footage was the ONLY good thing about Sinister. That stuff WAS super creepy. Wish the rest of the film could’ve matched that.

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      I am “dumbfounded” you can’t understand why audiences appreciate a well made horror movie. The idea of a haunted house movie may not be anything new, but it’s refreshing when a director focusses on delivering a solid story (however unoriginal it may be), bringing out the best performances from his/her actors, and delivering solid scares. I hate it when a film relies on it’s twist(s) to sell movie tickets.

      I loved The Conjuring’s old-school horror feel, and happy audiences did too.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Good news. The Conjuring was great, easily my favorite film from any genre this year. I had to see it twice in theaters, because I loved it so much. And Insidious 2 is coming up soon! Yeah, James Wan is definitely kicking ass this year.

  • djblack1313

    don’t get me wrong, i am very happy this movie is doing so well. i worship Vera Farmiga (and i completely adore Lili Taylor and i very much like Patrick Wilson). it’s a well made little ghost story but it was the farthest thing from original (the “fresh ideas” part of Brad’s article was funny since the wasn’t very much originality in the movie. no offense Brad!).

    i didn’t hate the movie at all but it wasn’t scary (in part thanks to the trailer which spoils many/most of the best scare scenes). the acting from all is what elevates this movie ten fold. this is one of the first movies i’ve seen in a while where every character was likeable (even the kids!). i really liked that about the movie.

    so i have no hate/dislike for the movie. i hope Wan ups his game a bit and tries to be a bit more original-ish. i’m mainly thrilled for Vera Farmiga. she’s been incredible in any and every movie/show i’ve seen her in and she deserves these successes!

    • DarrelDreadful

      You know what, I am about this close | | to being done with watching horror movie trailers. I know how impossible that sounds but for every good one Ive seen this year, I couldn’t help but to think – wow, imagine if I hadnt watch the trailer. Movies like Evil Dead would have been so much better if I hadnt watch the trailer, same for The Conjuring. They put some of the best stuff out, and I know its to get people’s attention and obviously it works. But Im the type, when the trailer is good, I keep going back and watching it. By the time the movie is out half the fun is already gone. Its just an experiment Im going to try, but I am seriously going to attempt to not watch any trailers for a while, and see how it pays off. I will rely on word-of-mouth and movies that I already know Im interested in.

    • ThunderDragoon

      You hit the nail on the head. I felt the same way. All the creepy moments were spoiled in the trailers and TV spots so there was never a time where I felt even close to scared. The only time I felt on edge was the very end with the music box. I really wish I could’ve erased all my memories of seeing TV spots before I watched the movie because I would’ve loved to be scared shitless.

      With all that said, I thought it was a good movie and I’ll most likely buy it, but it wasn’t scary. A movie has yet to come close to what I felt in the theater watching Sinister for the first time. Felt like I was a scared kid again. I AM very happy that The Conjuring is successful, though, and I’m hoping they can hit it out of the park with the second one.

      • djblack1313

        DarrelDreadful & ThunderDragoon i’m with you both on most/many trailers spoiling things (EVIL DEAD was the most egregious example of this practice of putting almost every money shot in the trailers…i still liked the movie though).

        when CABIN IN THE WOODS’s trailer was first released i only watched the first (i kid you not) 10 seconds of it (when the eagle flies into the force field) and didn’t watch anything (pics/tv spots, etc) from that movie until i watched it in the theaters and I WAS SO GLAD I DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING SPOILED!! i really enjoyed CABIN.

    • Julian Nunez

      I agree that it wasn’t very original but i thought it was well made and the acting was fantastic! Everyone was great especially lili taylor in the last act.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I think by the time 2013 is over, we all could agree that Horror kicked some major ass this year. Im very happy for The Conjuring success and look forward to it becoming a franchise. I can understand why some might say its unoriginal but how the heck could you deny the “heart” this film had?! Its what a lot of horror movies are lacking of today. The performances, the story, the atmosphere, the chemistry, the set designs were all done superbly IMO and that deserves to be recognized. I loved the nod this movie gave to old-school horror, I fell in love and remembered why Im such a horror fan. I hope You’re Next does for slashers what The Conjuring is going to do for supernatural movies. I commend everyone involved. And let me just put out there.. the ending.. WOW. That exorcism, Lilli’s transformation, Patrick, Vera(!) just out-standing. I AM GLAD that I didn’t see that climax coming but it was the coolest I have seen in a long time. Those other exorcism films should be ashamed of themselves. Because of that Annabelle doll, and the exorcism scene, I actually became slightly afraid of the dark again.

  • Kenzo

    It’s such a great movie. Imho I think the movie was pretty flawless! Can’t wait to grab it on DVD. Might even catch it in the theater again, it’s certainly that good.

  • aaronmb

    The Domestic box office hardly means anything now. Saw and Insidious roughly did 100 million each worldwide. You can probably add at least $50 million to it.

  • horrorking95

    Fantastic news. How refreshing to see a little horror film with no explosions or guns beating exactly those types of summer films! Horror certainly is coming back after the hugely successful Evil Dead remake too! I haven’t seen The Conjuring yet but I have no doubt that it will be amazing, as I love James Wan and he proved that he could do scary with the wonderful, Insidious. This should hopefully get him writing and directing more brilliant horror and open doors for him. My only fear is that this may produce a load of crap The Conjuring knock-offs. But what ever I can’t wait to see this gem!!

  • djblack1313

    it’s going to be cool/interesting to see what James Wan brings to FAST FURIOUS 7 (he’s directing it!). i’ve only seen part 6 but i really liked that entry and now with ………

    Jason Statham as the big baddie avenging his brother (Luke Evan’s character) i think with Wan & Statham working together on/in a movie…it should be good or awesome!

  • SawanBlood

    I enjoyed this movie but I feel it’s a little overrated. I hated the ending and most people in the theatre left after the mom (Carolyn) didn’t kill her kid. It would’ve been awesome if she did though..

  • Slasher_Lover23

    The only thing that sucks about this is that this means there will be less slasher films (and other sub genres) and the horror genre will end up being nothing but ghost flicks. Which totally blows.

  • XMarkX

    I thought The Conjuring was well done and a really fun movie to see in theaters. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of the film was how the movie began and the awesome yellow 70’s-style opening title. Very cool.

    • Milk

      I agree. The minute I saw the opening title I was already in love.

  • BannerPilot

    While I agree that The Conjuring is a great hollywood underdog story considering it made 5x it’s budget and is a horror film, what about The Purge? While I didn’t care for the film, the sheer fact that it made 21x it’s budget is pretty damn incredible. And considering it cost 17 million less than The Conjuring, makes it a much more interesting story.

    • Milk

      The Purge wasn’t very good though. People liked the idea of the story more than the actual movie.

  • bunny66

    I saw The Conjuirng a couple of weeks ago and haven’t been able to get a good night sleep since! I have been a horror movie aficionado for almost 4 decades and have seen just about everything out there worth seeing and some not worth seeing by human eyes but I must admit that with very little or no gore, The Conjuring has managed to do something that many horror movies have failed to do since The Exorcist:SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME!!

  • Milk

    I absolutely loved this film. I heard good things about it but I was a bit suspicious because I didn’t care much for Saw or Insidious. The Conjuring was right up my alley though. It was done so well and had a great old school feel to it. I actually got goosebumps and jumped a few times.. That never happens to me anymore!

  • FilmEnding

    Most good horror movies open strong and spiral downward. The Conjuring is playing out like The Sixth Sense. This paranormal movie proves the paranormal sub-genre puts horror at center of the discussion.

    The Exorcist movie is much more scarier than The Conjuring. The Conjuring relies on traditional horror techniques to scare the audience; however, The Exorcist uses a demonic possession of a young girl to frighten moviegoers.

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