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Are You Guys Ready For A Sequel To WWE’s ‘See No Evil’ Starring Kane?!

For a second I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke – but it’s not. WWE Studios is bringing See No Evil back to life, producing a sequel with Lionsgate to the horror film that will again star wrestler Kane as a psychopath that goes on a killing spree, Variety reports.

Production on See No Evil 2 will start in the fall, with identical twin helmers the Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary) set to direct.

Kane will return as the reclusive madman Jacob Goodnight, who rises from the dead in the city morgue after his killing spree at the Blackwell hotel and goes after a group of medical students who fight to survive.

In Gregory Dark’s first film, Kane’s seven-foot tall, 400-pound character has a rusty steel plate screwed into his skull and razor-sharp fingernails as he stalks a group of juvenile delinquents tasked with cleaning up an abandoned hotel.

See No Evil was the first film that WWE produced through its film division, and went on to earn $19 million worldwide when it was released in 2006 — its biggest hit until this year’s Halle Berry thriller The Call, which generated $52 million to date.



  • DarrelDreadful

    See No Evil actually wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be (it was corny fun), but seriously? A sequel? Zombie Kane lol

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i actually really liked the first one. kinda surprised that the soskas are directing this one. not that that’s a bad thing. american mary was ok. i just hope they improve their acting skills if they decide to be in this one. maybe they’ll watch a WWE event and see what bad acting looks like so they won’t make those mistakes.

  • Seal_Clubber

    Common – seriously? This was a passable “slasher of the week” movie but there was nothing original in the story to build a franchise on. I mean, I get it – for a 2 million dollar investment they will probably make back 10 million – but no-one wanting to see original horror should support this type of effort.

  • ThunderDragoon

    They’re finally making this? I actually really liked the first one. Thought it was a solid slasher flick. I’m loving the plot to this one because Lord knows I love me some Halloween II. Bring it on!

  • j.c

    Not surprised at the prospect of a sequel to this(although they waited a bit long I think, will probably go DTV), and I didn’t mind the first one either for what it was, however, I am surprised at the involvement of the Soska sisters. It seems a bit out of their wheelhouse but I know they are truly fans of the genre and they are talented so kudos and good luck to them for taking this on. I hope it turns out well for them.

  • CTHL

    Come now, it was better than The Conjuring…

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