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Questionable Content’s Jeph Jacques Stars Kickstarter For Official Deathmøle Album: Fully Funded In Less Than 3 Hours

If you’re an avid reader of online comics, there is a good chance that Jeph Jacques’ Questionable Content is one of your daily visits. One of the largest, most read comics, the story follows a group of early 20-something friends and their trials and tribulations throughout life (often referencing indie or metal bands in the process).

In his free time, Jacques also writes, records, and produces an instrumental post-metal band which he lovingly has dubbed Deathmøle. For today’s comic, Jacques announced that he was opening a Kickstarter to fund an official release of a new album entitled Permanence that would involve him going into a studio and recording the album with Justin Pizzoferrato at the Easthampton Recording Co. The artwork, band logo, and t-shirt designs will be handled by John Keogh.

Less than 3 hours after announcing his project, Jacques’ goal of $9,500 was reached and, as of me writing this post, has past $17,000 with over 600 backers. Head on down to see the Kickstarter video and to hear some Deathmøle tunes from the Advances album.

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