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Did ‘Sharknado’ and “Shark Week” Just Cause Uni To Reboot ‘Jaws’?

A rumor that’s been swirling since the dawn of Bloody-Disgusting is that Universal Pictures is remaking Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws, the first ever summer blockbuster that opened June 20, 1975, and has banked in $260M at the box office (that’s $1 BILLION with inflation).

Flash forward to the summer of 2013 where sharks are hotter than ever. With every person around me talking “Sharknado” (please, stop), and Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” breaking ratings records, it’s quite possible that the sharp-toothed executives at Universal are eyeing that long-postured Jaws reboot. Or not.

Eagle-eyed reader ‘Nick E.’ pointed us to a casting call on Mandy that may or may not be legit. I believe it’s as simple as registering to create a job posting, and in the past fake casting calls for Jaws have surfaced online, taking a bite out of various site’s credibility. In fact, the last time a casting call was for Jaws was spotted, it was for another film, although I can’t recall what it was as of this writing.

We are seeking all crew positions for the upcoming Jaws reboot,” says the job listing. “We will need to build sets quite early therefore we will be hiring partially prior to the official pre-production.

With that, the listing also says that production starts in January of 2015, which could be a clue to the posting’s legitimacy. Until we get confirmation, though, this story should stay submerged in the depths of rumor hell.



  • weresmurf

    Predicting this shit now:

    Completely CGI Shark
    PG rating
    Brodie will now be ‘Billy’ or something, a 20 something Amity Sheriff.
    Hot love interest will just be his gf, he won’t have a family.
    The ending is over in 10 minutes or less, not drawn out for roughly 45 like the original creating tension, a great plot and one hell of a movie.

    Out in 2015, forgotten by 2016.

    • Baphochrist

      Weresmurf pretty much summed it up. And that CGI shark will look a hundred times worse than the mechanical 1975 version but legions of dipshits will convince themselves that it’s a vast improvement over “that old fakey one”. I’ll take practical anyday, not to be ironic, not because I’m stuck in the past but IMO CGI looks like shit 100% of the time. CGI just makes me think the movie has switched to a Playstation game or something. Also to add to weresmurfs list: the music. The original classic score will not have a memorable counterpart but instead an incredibly weak imitation or just the usual dime a dozen movie score that we get nowadays ie something boring passing itself off as “ambient” or bland orchestraic wankery. Bottom line is the music will not be MEMORABLE.

      Side bitching and moaning: I agree that the Sharknado bullshit needs to end. It’s no different than the usual SyFy atrocities. I don’t understand the hype.

    • Mives

      You’ve pretty much nailed it. Considering what they’ve done to revered original works before, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised. JAWS is the principle reason why I hate deep water, that and Australia usually gets around 3 fatal Great White attacks a year reaffirming that “We-have-no-bloody-business-being-in-the-water-I’m-fine-on-dry-land-getting-eaten-by-spiders-TYVM”

  • dirtyghettok

    Alright, to make this a blockbuster in the spirit of Sharknado, I say you combine the Jaws plot and Facebook to cover all your trendy basis. You can then call it Jawsbook. Original, right.. People could be innocently surfing the net, checking there Facebook cause they need friends cause of daddy issues, and BAM!!! Jaws friends you out of nowhere and there laptop comes alive and munches them to death. Damn I should be in Hollywood.

  • Necromorph

    jaws is in the national film registry, doesn’t that mean it can’t be tampered with?

  • SonOfVoorhees

    Bad idea. Thing was the original Jaws was awesome by accident. The shark sucked and didnt work properly, so it become more tense because all they showed was the fin. This remake would suck because it will be all about the shark and not the people. An this is the problem. Zombie movies and disaster movies work because of the people not the disaster. Watched Towering Inferno again recently, was awesome for that reason.

  • K-Dogg

    Just do that rumoured shark movie “Meg” and leave Jaws the fuck alone !!!

  • dr.lamb
  • KaiSan

    God, I hope this is fake.

    The only way I would even consider watching another entry in the Jaws franchise would be if they did a prequel revolving around Quint and the Indianapolis sinking (the original plan for Jaws 2). That would be worth watching.

    • mobstar67

      i gotta agree with ya kaiSan….thats definately the way to go if they are going to ressurect this series is to focus on Quint as a young man and his time on the Indianapolis and then into the water with the sharks…This could be a winner without F-ing up the Jaws legacy not that Universal did everything they could to destroy it with 3 bad are right on the money.. Indionapolis crew in the water with the sharks…

  • Evan3

    I actually checked the date when I saw this headline to make sure it wasn’t April 1st (I HOPE that BD is simply building up a long-simmering April Fool’s joke with this).

    Anyways, I only need two words to express my thoughts on this idea.

    Fuck This.

  • mav07

    You know we only have one group of people to blame for this shit-and thats the “Hipsters”. They are the same assholes who ruined Zombies and Bacon for everyone else on the planet and now they’re doing it with Sharks. It makes me want to punch those ironic mustaches right off their stupid faces!

  • Zombie-Killa

    The fact that fucking Sharknado could inspire or influence ANYTHING is somewhat nauseating.

    Jaws is one of the RARE classics from any genre that hasn’t been ruined or tarnished by an unnecessary remake. Please let’s keep it that way.

    Like everyone else, I HOPE this is just a rumor, because I will lose all hope in cinema and mankind, if some piece of garbage distributed by The Asylum can influence a timeless classic like Jaws.

  • aftermidnights

    This is clearly fake. It is nothing more than a cheap way of getting people to register for the site “” Some quick research shows this website was just launched on August 6th and are doing this to get users to sign up.

  • Kr1z

    If the CGI team who did Kon Tiki do the fx i`m on board.

  • tngs

    I actually saw them crewing up for this on and then they got themselves in trouble over rights issues. They posted stuff on flickfolks how they will be fighting it and that it was based on an real life early 1900 Jaws story in New Jersey. Their group was taken down at flickfolks a few times but I noticed the film’s PM sending out messages to crew there all the time now

    • mobstar67

      the whole new jersey shark attacks thing in the early 1900’s was done a few years back “12 days of terror” i believe was the title..not the worst film but not the best production either….
      rather see the Indianapolis story than the Jersey story rehashed..

  • bigval

    No need to remake shark movies.

    The Reef is excellent and just so intense and although I haven’t seen it yet Bait 3D is meant to be good too.

    • Necromorph

      bait is a good one, i enjoyed it a lot

  • Necromorph

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