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[Remember This?] Studio Execs Almost BEATEN At ‘Exorcist 2’ Test Screening!!!

Yesterday I published a post called 5 Disgraceful Horror Sequels and, in the comments, a lot of you were wondering why Exorcist II: The Heretic wasn’t on the list. The answer is – I wished I’d remembered to include it! Don’t worry, there will be future bad sequels tallies and that title will surely be among them, but you’re right – it’s truly, truly awful.

All of your comments inspired me to do a little digging on the film and I found this anecdote from William Friedkin, director of the original Exorcist (who still hasn’t seen Heretic, by the way). He was invited to a test screening of the sequel in Pasadena by some WB execs and declined. Then, later, one of the execs opened up to him about what really happened that night when the audience VIOLENTLY turned on the film in its first 10 minutes!!!

Check out the story below! I’ve also included the trailer for the film – which manages to show more than most modern teasers and is totally batsh*t insane.

Friedkin’s story starts about 40 seconds in, though I recommend watching the beginning of the vid as well.

Here’s the trailer.

Bonus? THIS scene.



  • djblack1313

    LOL! i love Linda Blair so much (but those pencil thin eyebrows…..NOOOOO! LOL) but yeah, EXORCIST III is mind-numbingly awful. lol.

    what bums me out about that movie is it completely turned people (and understandably so) off to any further EXORCIST movies and EXORCIST III is completely awesome. it’s actually, to this day, one of the only movies that scares me and has me turning on the lights. lol.

    • divisionbell

      Oh man me too. Love Exorcist III. That movie still spooks the shit out of me to this day!

      • WolfQueen

        Exorcist III scared the shit out of me. LOL. #2, not so much. Haha

  • rgold

    Friedkin is a legend. Even in his late seventies he has more balls then most filmmakers (Killer Joe, anyone).

  • Bouncy X

    i remember the first time i saw this a few years back, it is indeed as terrible as “everyone” says. but i gotta say i was floored by how gorgeous Linda Blair looked in that one. it was hard to believe she was just 15 or 16.

  • feck

    I totally agree. Awful movie, but the one redeeming quality is Blair herself. I feel like a perv, but damn, she was seriously hot as a teenager.

  • EvilHead1981

    Horrible, horrorible movie. I usually can put myself in a place where I can judge something fairly, especially when a movie has a fanbase, but I just can’t see what the fans of this movie find appealing about it. Esepcially coming off of the first movie, which will always be one of the most IMPORTANT films to the horror genre, The Heretic is like the studio/writer/director said, “Hmmmm, everything GOOD about the first one….. lets NOT do that!”.

  • horrorking95

    That was so funny! But I thought he’d at least give The Exorcist III a go! I’ve not seen it yet, but I’ve heard it’s actually really good.

  • VictorCrowley

    Never seen part II or III. I need to fix that so I can see why II is so hated and III is generally so revered.

  • Chaybee1

    The film sucked – but that TRAILER!? That’s one one the most amazing freakin’ crazy trailers I’ve ever seen!

  • Yeah, the haters gonna hate. But I hope I’m not too late, to say I’ll defy fate, and claim this sequel better than the original’s garbage bait.

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