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George A. Romero Completes ‘The Zombie Autopsies’ Screenplay

Back in 2001 we reported that zombie extraordinaire, George A. Romero, had optioned the film rights to Steven C. Schlozman’s “The Zombie Autopsies.”

Romero, who directed Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and many more iconic zombie films, was at hand at this past weekend’s Flashbackback horror convention in Chicago, IL. Website Daily Dead caught up with Romero who revealed that he’s completed the screenplay and hopes for it to be his next film.

Actually, the day before I left to come here, I finished the script and talked to Schloz about it,” he explained. “He approved it, so we sent it to my agents and they sent it around. You never know what’s going to happen, but it’s out in circulation and I hope it works out.

The book is about an isolated group of people doing autopsies on zombies during the zombie apocalypse and trying to figure out what the hell caused this. In it, the scientists discover that this is not a naturally occurring virus; they deduce that it must have been created by somebody. And they later discover that it was created by people who were trying to topple the economy…

I hope [‘The Zombie Autopsies’ is my next project],” Romero adds. “I never know what’s going to be next, because the one that’s going to be next is the one that finds the money first. I used to be the only guy in this playground, but now there’s too damn many. It’s very hard now, particularly with World War Z [the movie].




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