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Top 15 Back To School Horror Films!!!

By Zena S. Dixon.

It’s time to go back to school! Get your pencils ready, dust your books off and lets bring out the horror! Maybe you’re starting school, maybe your kid is starting school…or maybe you don’t need school because you’re one of those rare, lucky individuals who excel without it. Depending on the position you’re in, this list will make you dread going back to school or happy to know you’re pretty safe…for now. Either way, let us all indulge!

Although there were many candidates for this list, I decided to go with these 15 films! As a bonus, these horrors contain survival tips for the school year. So let’s get ready for Back to School: TOP 15 School Horrors!

Post will contain spoilers, so BEWARE! Rawr!

15. Graduation Day

This glorious cheese fest of a slasher takes place just a few weeks before graduation day at Midville High School. Unfortunately for students, getting people to sign their yearbook is the LAST of their troubles. Lurking around campus is a mysterious psychopath who slashes people’s guts out. And what makes it worse is that he or she insists on using a timer.

Tip? Graduate early to avoid a splatter fest.

14. Sorority Row

A prank by Theta Pi leaves one of their best friends dead. A couple of months later a mysterious killer roams their sorority house, crashing their party and sending random texts.

Planning on joining a sorority? Well don’t!

13. Tamara

What would High School be without popularity? Ask Tamara. Tamara is an unpopular and unattractive girl who is picked on by her peers. Not only is Tamara a witch, but she accidentally gets murdered. Don’t cry though. She comes back as a seductress, sex kitten on the road for revenge against those responsible.

We learned this one in kindergarden people! Be nice to everyone because you never know what people know about you or if they are witches who can come back from the dead to kill you. They may even make you eat a glass or perhaps your own fingers.

12. Ginger Snaps

Sisters Ginger and Brigitte have an obsession with death and gore. Alienation in school becomes the least of their troubles once Ginger is attacked by a werewolf. Geez. Going through puberty is tough enough, but imagine growing hair all over your body and having a thirst for blood.

Tip: When turning into a werewolf, keep your thirst for blood minimal by avoiding large crowds… unless it’s with people you don’t like, then go for it! Good luck!

11. Trick or Treat

Who needs class when you have metal? Eddie is an outcast because of his preference of music…. Clearly it sucked to be him back in ’86! If he was around today and was a huge fan of metal, I doubt that porky jocks with stiff hair would attack him in empty wood shop classes.

If you idolize a rock star, lets hope he doesn’t send you a demonic record when he dies or makes you a mix tape that melts your ears off as soon as it plays.

10. Return To Horror High

I’m sure we’ve all had a secret admirer! Well, this movie has one of those in it. Back in 1982 at Crippen High School, there was a blood bath of horrors; however, the killer was never identified. Five years later, a movie production company comes to the abandoned campus to make a movie based on the previous deadly events.

Tip for this one: If you have a secret admirer, run.

9. Suicide Club

A string of gory suicides forces a detective to try to unmask the reason behind it all.

From this horror, you should take away the simple lesson: Don’t follow the crowd. If 54 people simultaneously jump onto the path of an ongoing train…it doesn’t mean you have to!

8. Night of the Creeps

Ah, a classic. A horror filled with alien parasites that enter through the human mouth and turn their host into a violent zombie.

This movie is a lot like teen pregnancy. Bottom line, don’t end up a zombie, or worse, a cast member on Teen Mom. But if it happens, just remember that I warned you about those sneaky people.

7. The Craft

Sarah is the new girl at the Catholic prep school and feels connected with three other girls who practice witchcraft. The girls abuse their powers and eventually turn on Sarah.

Remember when I said be nice to everyone? Well, be nice includes not doing spells and putting curses on other people!

6. Scream

Sydney is being stalked by a mysterious killer known as Ghostface. Meanwhile, everyone around her is getting murdered.

Important note: Just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you’re safe from wackos. If something bad goes down remember: EVERYONE is a suspect. So if you keep this simple rule of horror, you should be very proud and very safe! Thanks, Randy.

5. The Faculty

Students begin to become suspicious of their school’s faculty after strange events begin occurring.

You better hope that Elijah Woods attends whatever school you or your loved ones attend if you want to feel safe from aliens.

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Destined to kill vampires, cheerleader Buffy takes up arms to defend us all.

Geez. Wouldn’t career day be so much easier if you already knew you had to be a Vampire Slayer?

3. Carrie

Poor Carrie. She’s super shy and her mom is crazy terrifying. She already doesn’t fit in, it doesn’t help that she discovers her telekinesis ability. Unfortunately, when she’s pushed to the limit on Prom, people will pay.

My advice? If there is a girl named Carrie, just skip the prom or any similar events. It’s all overrated at that point!

2. Prom Night

A masked killer stalks four teens responsible for an accident that happened years ago.

Why not just wait to get your revenge at the 10 year reunion? And maybe it can be emotional revenge, why does it always have to physical?

1. Suspiria

In every school there is a Queen B, in this one there’s a terrifying Black Queen. Suzy arrives from America to the prestigious dance academy in Germany, only to suspect that there is something evil going on behind closed doors. Eventually, Suzy will unveil the dark history of her new school.

If you can’t beat the Queen B, either join her or go against her, either way it can be haunting.

Wishing all the students a wonderful, horrific school year. If this was your Back to School: TOP 15 School Horrors, what would be on your list?



  • djblack1313



    are my faves but i like most on this list. i’d also add (i know it’s not a straight up horror movie) STUDENT BODIES! i love that movie.

    • SuperKilla

      @djblack1313, totally agree with you on Student bodies.

      • djblack1313

        thanx SuperKilla! yeah, i love STUDENT BODIES! so funny! 🙂

        • Guys…clear something our for me here! When you say SORORITY ROW, you mean the original, right? Cause the remake sucks in extreme levels…it’s really, really bad. And i’m not picky with movies, I watched really crappy movies in my life and still managed to have fun, but the remake of SR made me truly angry.

    • jackmeat

      as i was reading, i thought “student bodies” better be on here, but first comment nailed it so kuddos. only one i would like to add that wasn’t mentioned in comments is “slumber party massacre”

  • dave1989

    Great list!

    Sidney from Scream’s name is spelled with an “i” not a “y” though.

  • diapers

    What about Splatter University? Just kidding… one of the worst films every made, of any genre.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    glad to see The Faculty was on there. that was the first one that came to mind for me. i’d like to point out a few others though

    Disturbing Behavior
    Cherry Falls
    Jennifer’s Body (a lot of people hate it but i think it’s just a fun horror movie to watch)
    Urban Legend

    • SuperKilla

      You beat me to it with Jennifer’s body, good call. To me it’s one of those films that is good but could have been a lot better. Good for this list though.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Words cannot describe how much I loved The Faculty as kid! One of my all-time favorites, and I still watch it today. Same goes for Scream.

  • DragonSlayer111

    Good list. Anyone see Detention?? Nothing special at all but I enjoyed watching it

    • SuperKilla

      Wow, how could we all forget that one. I thought the movie was good in it’s own way. Had a great sense of humor. Good call.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I love you so much for putting The Craft on here.

  • joesey

    Cutting Class
    Slumber Party Massacre
    April Fools Day (original)

    • joesey

      and Final Exam

      • diapers

        FINAL EXAM! One of my guilty pleasures! I proudly own the VHS.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Does Jawbreaker count? Might not be horror, but that movie is pretty goddamn dark.

  • i’ve never understood the adoration for “night of the creeps”. when i heard someone had accused “Slither” of ripping it off, i decided to check it out. and boy was i disappointed. not only is slither a far superior film, creeps is just utterly and intolerably boring. i think people label this as a cult classic because to call it a classic would raise eyebrows, but to don it with a “cult” status, no one would question it

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