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‘The Evil Within’ May Have Multiplayer Inspired By ‘Dark Souls’

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s next big project is The Evil Within, a game that aims to “bring back survival horror.” Whether or not it succeeds in this endeavor is something we won’t know until it releases next year. Until then, we can all safely speculate on how good/bad/revolutionary the game will be, because that’s something the Internet excels at.

If there’s been one thing that’s plagued the genre for years, it’s tacked-on multiplayer modes. F.E.A.R., Condemned 2, Dead Space 2, we’ve seen our fair share of horror games with multiplayer modes that really didn’t fit into the game. If you haven’t played Dark Souls, all you really need to know is it has one of the most innovative multiplayer modes of this generation. It’s seamlessly woven into the game world and like any good multiplayer, it’s entirely optional.

If a recent comment made by Mikami is anything to go by, The Evil Within might be getting a similar feature.

In an interview with OXM, Mikami had a lot to say about the game. One thing that sttod out as particularly interesting was his response when asked whether or not the game would have an online mode similar to Dark Souls, where other players can interact with your world. His answer might surprise you.

“Yeah, maybe in DLC. I guess we can’t really get into details.” Mikami told OXM.

Okay, sure, it’s a bit cryptic, and I’m not sure how they’d seamlessly weave a multiplayer mode into the game as DLC, but it’s still intriguing. The game’s world seems set up rather perfectly for this sort of thing, with

It’s a good thing Mikami seems more open to multiplayer in horror games than he is with sequels. I’m perfectly fine with The Evil Within being multiplayer-free, but if we have to have something like it, I’d prefer it to be inspired by one of the better multiplayer offerings I’ve seen in this generation.

What about you — are you okay with the possibility of multiplayer in The Evil Within?

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