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Review: ‘Blood Brothers’ # 2

Full of fresh wit and laugh-out-loud one-liners, ‘Blood Brothers’ #2 is a refreshingly entertaining horror/comedy. When the humor hits, the “Blood Brothers” series is surprisingly able to accomplish two things at once. The comic is able to poke fun at, while having fun with the vampire genre.

Written By: Mike Gagerman, Andrew Waller, and Etan Cohen
Art By: Evan Shaner
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $3.99
Release: August 21, 2013

After having been best buddies for thousands of years, Nick and Tree are about to have their friendship tested. Never leaving his friend behind, Tree jumps at Nick’s side to rescue his girlfriend, Jill. There is a roadblock up ahead as Tree discovers that Jill doesn’t even know Nick is a vampire. Making matters worse, Nick wants to turn back into a human again just to be with Jill. What will Tree do in his spare time if Nick decides to grow old? A vampire himself, Tree doesn’t even know if he will last long as the two friends have to face an apocalyptic vampire, a ruthless casino mobster, and vamp haters.
Writers Mike Gagerman, Andrew Waller, and Etan Cohen focus their attention onto the bromance between Nick and Tree. As the danger escalates, the witty banter between Nick and Tree gets funnier and funnier. The sharp dialogue takes a slightly cartoonish turn, especially when the writers add cutaway gags to the mix. The storytelling flows really fast because there’s one hilarious joke after another. The writing has so much energy to keep the quick pace going and never slowing down.

One of my favorite scenes in this installment is when Nick and Tree end up at a Vampires Anonymous meeting. As a metaphor for alcoholics and sobriety, the vampires talk about how they have come clean from drinking blood. Even Tree is a member of this group and he shows off with pride his sobriety necklace. I really liked how the writers played around with popular culture and history as the protagonists meet vampires from different time periods.

Artist Evan Shaner has crafted such fresh and hip character designs for Nick and Tree. If you notice carefully, Tree has a black and white wristband designed to look like a chessboard. Interestingly, Nick, who has lived for a very long time, always has his cell-phone with him. Readers have a vampire who has kept up with the times and isn’t afraid of modern technology. Because of their jeans and flannel shirts, Nick and Tree look more like laid-back slackers than bloodthirsty vampires.
You can tell Shaner has watched a lot of buddy-cop movies by his illustrations. In every page, Nick and Tree share the same panel, which benefits the comedy. Nick is usually the one who sets up the joke and Tree delivers the punch. Shaner ends the issue with an exciting car chase, as Nick and Tree have very little time before the sun rises.

“Blood Brothers” #2 has such snappy dialogue and an animated vibe that flows very easily between its two main protagonists. There’s plenty of funny moments in the “Blood Brothers” series that makes this comic worth reading.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls.

Reviewed by Jorge Solis



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