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EXCLUSIVE: DC All Access Panel Audio

Friday afternoon at Fan Expo in Toronto DC Comics gathered some of their top talent to talk about the New 52. It’s been two years since the launch of the universe, and the ongoing Trinity War pushes to change the universe forever. With the launch of Forever Evil in September, and the announcement of “Justice League of Canada” earlier today, things at DC have never been more exciting.

Make sure you’re caught up with the DC Universe before hitting the jump. There is sure to be discussion of the fallout of the Trinity War, and the forthcoming Forever Evil.

The DC Universe is rapidly changing with every week. We’ve had the death of some of our major superhero teams, and Villains are taking over. DC has big plans for the future, and listening to this stream will let you take part in the discussion.

We had our own BigJ on hand in Toronto recording and listening to the panel. So this is an exclusive treat for those of you who visit Bloody Disgusting for your comics news and reviews. Check out what Lee Bermejo, Tony Daniel, Jeff Lemire, Eddie Berganza, Brian Cunningham and others had to say about the future of DC Comics.

Hit the soundcloud link for the full audio of the panel!

Bloody Disgusting FanExpo 2013 DC All Access Panel




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