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Review: ‘Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash’ # 2

Ash continues to bumble behind Cassie Hack in another fantastic chapter of Tim Seeley’s “Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash.” Seeley creates a perfect balance of comedy, confusion, and action with an issue entirely narrated by the one and only Ashley J Williams.

WRITTEN BY: Tim Seeley
ART BY: Daniel Leister
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: Sept 4, 2013

Ash’s voice is incredibly difficult to nail. He is a big character that commands most scenes. He speaks in a ridiculous fashion, and has a passion for one-liners. Tim Seeley has a portal to Bruce Campbell’s psyche. The dialogue and narration in this issue is spot on. You feel as confused with Ash, as Cassie Hack pulls us along.

Ash is the star of the show here, and he is the best kind of reluctant hero. He does what he does to stay alive, and he does so haphazardly. This is made clear by watching any of his films, or through reading this issue. Ash’s narration shows you a general disillusion with the plan at hand. His story jumps around in time, and is pretty loose on the details, unless of course said details are in relation to Cassie’s body.

The story kicks into high gear immediately. Ash is in danger, and feels the need to tell a story. He retraces his steps with Cassie, and we learn that there is another evil clone on the loose. The team sets out to find this evil clone, and everything (literally) goes to shit from here.

Seeley does an amazing job at blending the two worlds together. The crossover feels like a natural extension of both series, and the story is entirely routed in Army of Darkness mythology. This allows fans to get their due service, while newcomers shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. The story is still wildly original, and manages to put Ash in situations fans thought they’d never see. Cassie’s world seems to take a back seat for this series. It’s disheartening a little for Hack/Slash fans, but I’m sure Seeley has a plan for his characters. Cassie still drives the story, but the story is of Ash’s world.

Leister’s art is strong this month. His pencils are tight and his lines are solid. His depiction of Ash’s flashback was expertly done on page 4. The use of symmetry in some of his panels makes the book pleasing to look at, while never bordering on overwhelming. His action pages are handled incredibly well as he manages to balance out the fighting with small and big panels alike.

The pacing in the art that never really lets up. The issue is incredibly heavy on narration this month, so the art has to do a lot of the lifting to keep readers interested. Leister more than delivers. Just wait until you see Cassie and Ash fight the naked skinheads in the prison.

Tim Seeley is doing something fantastic with this book. He is clearly the man to write Ashley J Williams, and is going to give Steve Niles’ new ongoing “Army of Darkness” series a hard act to live up to. Not to mention the story is a compelling chapter in Hack/Slash mythology. With a little more attention to Cassie this series could hit its stride.

Rating 3.5/5 Skulls.



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