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Brad Pitt Acknowledges Plans For ‘World War Z’ Sequel…

In the below video, World War Z producer and star Brad Pitt responds to a question surrounding a potential sequel to the summer blockbuster that’s now topped $500M worldwide.

We’re certainly talking about it, yeah,” said Pitt. “We have so many ideas on the table from just the time we spent developing this thing and figuring out how zombie worlds work. We have so many ideas and so much information, we think we have a lot of stuff to mine from. We’re going to do our best and see what we get out of it.

World War Z was a troubled production that needed a plethora of reshoots and additional photography, yet still managed to deliver a pretty solid summer action flick.

In the first of a planned trilogy, the story revolved around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.



  • djblack1313

    AWESOME!! i loved the PG-13 version but the unrated cut is even better! it’s still the same movie (plot point-wise, etc) but it adds a lot more zombie attacks and a couple of things that 100% aren’t in the theatrical cut.

    i can’t wait for the sequel.

    • doomas10

      Have you seen the unrated cut? Explain how, when, details please! I already preordered this!

      • djblack1313

        doomas10 here’s the differences i wrote down between the unrated & theatrical….(SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T SEEN IT):::

        in the Philadelphia attack sequence you see more people being bitten and they add seconds here and there of different shots (for example, the first man who is bitten that Pitt watches, as the counting teddy bear counts, starts attacking his car and it’s passengers).

        in the pharmacy/store scene, when Gerry & daughter are looking for the inhaler and the guy walks out with the gun, the camera pans down and we see a dead body/blood on the floor.

        after the RV is stolen & the family is making their way (it’s nighttime) to the apt.building, some infected are heading their way. the family runs in through the front doors while Gerry stays outside the front doors and shoots one of the infected right in the head. the infected also run right by the wino/bum that’s sitting there in front of the building drinking booze. (i always wondered if they had just skipped over him because he was sick or something).

        they are chased up the stairs in that apt. building scene and it’s more intense in the unrated version. weirdly enough, the scene (taken from when Gerry & family is being chased in the following morning while heading for the roof) where Gerry tips over a file cabinet(?) and it slides down the stairs crushing a black cop, is now in this (nighttime) initial entry attack. it also has more shots of more infected chasing the family up the stairs (as they are about to meet Tomas’s family).

        on the escape (when the helicopter is coming for the family in the morning) up the stairs, Gerry uses the knife/spear weapon on several infected. it shows him stabbing them again and again. he uses the butt of the gun and bashes one infected’s head a ton of times. this sequence is much more (surprisingly) violent than i would have expected. i like this version!

        BIG CHANGE (from the theatrical):

        when Gerry (still in the above apt. building escape), just before he gets infected blood in his mouth, is on his back and is struggling with the female infected, it’s not Gerry who shoots her, IT’S TOMAS!! Tomas must have come out from a different stairwell access point and it’s Tomas who saves Gerry’s life.

        when they get to S.Korea and young Doctor panics and shoots himself in the head, you can actually see part of his head/skull fly off as he shoots himself. it then cuts to a shot of the dead doctor with a hole in his skull and blood around him/the wound.

        in S.Korea, the scene where David Morse’s jailed character is talking about N.Korea’s extracting every N.Korean’s teeth, it shows him pulling out his last remaining front tooth.

        the Jerusalem wall scene is way more intense in this version. once the infected start jumping/climbing over the wall, we start seeing TONS of them landing all over the place (along the wall’s rim). we even see them in close up and in slow mo (it looks really cool!). again, i loved the theatrical cut’s scenes but the unrated version is much better. seeing tons and tons of infected landing/crashing on the ground in this version is awesome! you also see a lot more people being attacked by the zombies. a lot!

        when Segan gets her arm cut off we actually see the wound and a lot of blood spurting out of it. tbh, this is the only part (the blood) that looks jarringly CGI/fake. it’s very very obvious it’s CGI blood. also in the scenes just before this when Segan and the other soldiers are throwing grenades, actually see a bit more of the exploding body parts.

        when Gerry & Segan are on the plane (it’s already in the air) and Gerry looks out the window and we get a far away above POV shot of explosions going off, they added scenes from on the ground of everyone being attacked by the zombies as well as some car explosions from the chaos.

        the plane attack sequence is more violent as well. it shows people being attacked (before & as Gerry walks to the curtained off back of the plane to see what that noise was). once Gerry sees is chaos we keep seeing shots (not in the theatrical of course) of the passengers being attacked.

        also in that scene, after Gerry has thrown the grenade and it has gone off and it’s chaos…Gerry (w/ Segan) are strapped into their seats waiting for the impact of the emergency landing. Gerry is then attacked by a zombie and is fighting him off.

        the entire W.H.O. ending is nearly identical to the theatrical. there’s a couple of seconds here and there of blood in some zombie kills but nothing huge.

        overall i love this unrated cut. it’s noticeably more violent and great! i can’t wait to buy the BR (the bonus features sound pretty interesting).

        • djblack1313

          i saw the bonus features and they are just ok. nothing amazing. but yeah, the unrated cut is supreme!

        • doomas10

          Thanks dude for the description and the time that it took you to write it! Sounds way more intense from the already intense theatrical version! I cannot wait for October to buy this! 😀 😀

          • djblack1313

            no problem, doomas10!! 🙂

  • doomas10

    I severely enjoyed the first film- tense and well paced! I would love to see more chaotic scenes and this time I hope the add a few more characters 🙂

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