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‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Is A Franchise Reboot…

Crave caught up with Zach Lipovsky, the latest director to take on the super fun and crazy Leprechaun franchise.

Now in post-production, Leprechaun: Origins replaced Warwick Davis with WWE superstar Dylan “Hornswoggle” Post as the little green slasher. Little to nothing is known about the project, other than it also stars Stephanie Bennett, Teach Grant, Bruce Blain and Adam Boys.

In the interview, Lipovsky confirms that the new installment is a fresh beginning:

It’s basically a complete refresh, reboot,” he firms up. “We’re not trying to copy or really do at all what the last one did. It kind of did what it was doing so well, that’s why they made so many of them, but we’re going a completely new direction and completely new world and everything which is why they were excited by what I brought to the table because I was pretty new to the whole Leprechaun thing myself. It was kind of what can we do to make something that’s a legitimate horror movie rather than something a bit more campy?

In theaters February 28, 2014, it sounds as if Lipovsky is harking back to the franchise roots, the 1993 film that featured a young Jennifer Aniston.



  • mobstar67

    Hornswoggle…a flat out stud..he rocks!!!

  • undertaker78

    Can’t wait for this, even though there’s a good chance it will be lackluster.

  • Evan3

    They just don’t get it. Leprechaun doesn’t need to be (and probably can’t be) a “legitimate horror movie.” Just as every attempt to make the tooth fairy a fearsome menace has been an abject failure, so too will be a “serious” Leprechaun film.

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