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[TIFF ’13 Interview] ‘Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears’ Authentic Giallo Horror!

One of the most celebrated films out of the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival is Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears, a follow-up Giallo film to their gorgeous Amer that also taps into the classic Italian subgenre. In fact, the duo explain that the two films are like brother and sister. In the following interview, they’ll explain to you how…

Now playing at various festivals, including TIFF, here’s the plot of Strange Colour, starring : “A woman vanishes. Her husband inquires into the strange circumstances of her disappearance. Did she leave him? Is she dead? As he goes along searching, he plunges into a world of nightmare and violence…

Since Strange Colour looks similar to Amer, I wanted to know what was different. The duo explain: “Amer was the point of view of a female protagonist on fantasies. This time, we are in the point of view of a male protagonist.

The 2 films are like sister and brother!” they exclaim, adding, “The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears is different in the storytelling too and in its aesthetic which is darker than Amer because the story of is now setting in Brussels and it’s a less sunny and flashy place than the French Riviera…

The new film is more violent too.

In addition to the violence, the duo talk on the film’s score: “The same stuff you will find in Amer and in The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears are authentic giallo musics of the 70’s and a sensual approach of eroticism and violence.

We’ve tried to make the film as a cinematic experience, like a nightmarish – sensual roller coaster,” say the duo on what they want the viewer to take away from the film. “Each viewer is different so he’ll live it fully… or not at all! But in the two cases, even if it’s a good or a bad experience, we hope something from the film will remain inside the viewer, somewhere in his head… or in his body?

Since Amer and The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears are so similar, I was curious what they plan to do differently in the future. “We hope we could continue to work together,” they tell Bloody, sort of hinting that the duo could branch off into various directions. “Each movie is a challenge for us where we try to co exist with our 2 different points of view. It’s very difficult because we do a very subjective cinema based on sensations and feelings. Each film is a little miracle where we have achieved to have the right balance of the two of us… and we ask ourselves ‘How could it be possible to do it again… with less pain?’

Watch for distro news on The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears soon.




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