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10 Annoying Horror Final Girls!!!

By Zena S. Dixon.

I cannot possibly be the only one who screams at screens when these typical, annoying final girls manage to survive through the chaos of violence, guts and pools of blood. Everyone knows that THE final girl doesn’t have to be that bright or appealing! All she honestly has to be is THE last one. She will run for her life while unknowingly and unintelligently sacrificing her friends and family. Anyway, on with the list of these annoying ladies.

10: Shelly Duval (Wendy Torrance) — The Shining

If I was married to Wendy, I’d probably go buck bananas too. Not only is she dense, but what adds fuel to the fire is her high-pitched voice and ear ringing shrieks. I just don’t think she had a real purpose other than staring with her colossal eyes and breaking eardrums with her horrific screams.

Some say it was the hotel that made Jack nuts, I say it was Wendy.

9: Shauna MacDonald (Sarah) — The Descent

While watching this movie I often forgot that I was watching a horror movie. I didn’t mind that the movie had an all female cast! However, there was too much crying and ridiculousness flying around. Why did Sarah get on my nerves? I felt horrible that she lost her husband and young daughter in a car accident. As the movie progressed though, I had no sympathy for her or any of the ladies, not even Juno (even though she was pretty cool).

But it was more towards the end that Sarah annoyed me. You know the part! In the American version, we think that she escapes; instead, she’s smiling in the dark, envisioning joy and what not. Yes, my hopes were up, then I was tricked and left with the credits! Boo!

8: Jennifer Love Hewitt (Julie James) — I Know What You Did Last Summer

I’m surprised that there’s no fourth installment to the series “I Know What You Did Last Summer And This Time I’m Going To Kill You”! Apparently, there was a 3. Why? I don’t know. That’s neither here nor there. If someone out there decides to use that title, I want my cut! This may sound extremely mean, but Jennifer Love Hewitt in her younger days always had an annoying face. Whelp, she plays an annoying character, Julie James.

In this one, she’s way too self-involved, down to the point where I wanted to rip my own eyeballs out. She paraded around the movie in her extra tight clothes, whining about how all people are wrong. I completely had it with her with that whole “What are you waiting for, huh? What are you waiting fooooor?” You probaby read that in a calm voice but no, that’s not how it went. She screams in a harsh tone “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, HUH?! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOOOOOOR?!” I guess that was supposed to be a cool line. Someone kill her, PLEASE! Oh yeah, her boyfriend, Ray (Freddy Prince, Jr.), was just as annoying. But that’s just a side note.

7: Jennifer Carpenter (Angela Vida) — Quarantine

Just like the original, it’s a documentary style movie that follows a reporter named Angela (Jennifer Carpenter). The reporter and her camera man shadow firemen for a night, following them into a building where they become quarantined with a rabid like zombie virus. Jennifer Carpenter’s irritating laugh and excessive breathing… jeez.

She was the last survivor, though I wish she was the first one to get eaten alive beyond recognition.

6: Brittany Murphy (Jody Marken) — Cherry Falls

A horror movie where it’s okay to break the “No sex” rule! In this one, there is a serial killer in a small Virginian town targeting virgin teenage girls. Brittany Murphy plays Jody, a high school student with an awful hairstyle. You guessed it. She’s a virgin and her Dad is the sheriff. No doubt that Brittany Murphy was an amazing actress, however, she was not believable in this role for me. It seemed like she was supposed to portray a “good girl.” Instead, she was sultry and seemed way too promiscuous. Yep, that’s my complaint, guys! I’m a female…let me live!

May Brittany Murphy rest in peace!

5: Brittany Snow (Donna Keppel) — Prom Night (2008)

I know of a lot of people disliked this movie, perhaps even hated it. I honestly didn’t mind it! Yeah, it wasn’t really a remake. It only shares the name with the 1980’s Prom Night. Plus…when I watch a slasher, I expect to see blood, guts and gore. With this movie, I felt like I was watching a Lifetime flick. But let’s put that aside for now!

In this movie, Brittany Snow SUCKED. There I said it! She’s not memorable. And on top of that, she cries 99.9% of the movie… I’m exhausted just thinking about her! But maybe it’s not her fault? Maybe she had to play a lame character in a movie that lacked blood.

4: Alicia Witt (Natalie Simon) — Urban Legend

Nothing like a college setting slasher flick!

Am I the only one who felt that Natalie should have been the side character? Natalie is unfortunately the heroine in this one, but to me, she was just plain ol’ boring, whiny and just insanely annoying! Why was Alicia Witt casted as this main character? She should have been the side, side character.

3: Elizabeth Olsen (Sarah) — Silent House (2011)

Silent House might not be the scariest movie, but Elizabeth Olsen is annoying. That didn’t make any sense, but oh well! Anyhow, she plays Sarah, a way over the top, college dropout whose helping her dad and uncle clean out their old family lake house. She hears some eerie sounds. From then on, she’s having a screaming contest with herself. Ugh….she screams, cries, screams some more, whimpers, and to top it off, there’s snot and all kinds of her liquids everywhere!

She’s a great actress, but in this role I couldn’t sympathize with her character because she hurt my eardrums.

2: Monica Keena (Lori Campbell) — Freddy vs Jason

Usually there is at least ONE, MAYBE two characters that I have sympathy for. But I wanted everyone to die in this movie, especially Monica Keen’s character Lori. Honestly, she deserved a horrible death. I just didn’t buy into her acting and was quickly aggravated with her whining. Everything she did was over the top and draining to my soul.

All in all, because of Lori, I’d never name any of my future children or future pets Lori. THANKS LORI!

1: Rooney Mara (Nancy Holbrook) — Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

I’m honestly surprised that this movie hasn’t been banned yet. Look, for all who’ve seen this movie, I know you feel my pain! Rooney Mara played Nancy, except she’s nothing like Heather Langenkramp! She’s weak, lacks a personality, and is a complete drag. I could care less if Rooney Mara was nominated for awards, she even won some! But you know what? She wasn’t nominated for an award for this movie.

Maybe I should blame the script writer…then again, Rooney Mara is the actress, so it’s her responsibility to ACT!

Point of this list? Yeah….these girls made it to the end, but perhaps they should have got their eyeballs ripped out 10 minutes into the movie. Maybe I’m just a hot head! Anyway, who would be on your Top 10 list?




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