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Review: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ #1

Comic book adaptations of licensed properties are never an easy task to execute. There have been many failed attempts to take characters from film and television and adapt them into comic books, but BOOM! Studios have a proven track record of successfully adapted of licensed properties like “Adventure Time” and “Planet of the Apes” into comic book series. Now the publisher is taking a shot at adapting the FX TV series “Sons of Anarchy” and hoping that they can have similar success.

WRITTEN BY: Christopher Golden
ART BY: Damian Coueciro
PUBLISHER: Boom! Studios
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: September 11th, 2013

“Sons of Anarchy” #1 takes place in the in the middle of Season 5 with SAMCRO Sergeant-at-Arms Alex ‘Tig’ Trager still reeling from the gruesome murder of his daughter, when the daughter of an old member comes looking for safe haven. A hit squad is dispatched to take care of the girl and SAMCRO find themselves caught in the crossfire.

Writer Christopher Golden does a fantastic job of nailing the characters. He obviously is a fan of the source material and does the characters justice here on the printed page. His portrayal of ‘Tig’ in this issue, particularly the scene where he gives a soliloquy at his daughter’s grave, would fit perfectly into the confines of the television show. With just one issue under his belt it’s easy to see why Golden was the perfect writer to take ‘Sons of Anarchy’ from the screen to the page.

Artist Damian Coueciro perfectly captures the raw and gritty feel of the show in the pages of the comic. The characters look like they were ripped off the screen and transported into each panel of the book. Where Coueciro truly shines with this book is when he’s showcasing the emotional roller-coaster that characters like ‘Tig’ are riding. He does a great job conveying emotions like sadness, anger and contempt across through the depictions of the characters. Coueciro’s artwork enhances the story that writer Christopher Golden is telling and he does a fantastic job bringing everything to life.

If you are a fan of “Sons of Anarchy” TV series then this series is simply a must read. Rather than create a book just to cash in on the popularity of the series, Boom Studios have taken the time to find the proper creative team in Golden and Coueciro, and have harvested Season 5 of the television show to come up with another chapter in the ongoing narrative of SAMCRO.

4/5 Skulls




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