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5 Things People May Not Expect From ‘The Memory Collectors’



Come October, IDW will be releasing “The Memory Collectors”, an original 3-issue limited series written and illustrated by Menton3. Anyone who has followed Menton’s body of work knows that his illustrations are creamy and surreal, with a touch of realism that combines to make beautifully dark art.

Much like his work, Menton3 likes to keep this mysterious. His overwhelming passion for his projects has him locking up the artistic details until release, which always makes the payoff so grand.

We know little about the plot for “The Memory Collectors”, but what we have been told is enough to make us salivate. And now we have just a little bit more to salivate over. Menton was gracious enough to compile five bits of information, in what I like to call: “5 Things People May Not Expect From The Memory Collectors.”

WARNING: This information will only whet your appetite, leaving behind an intense longing to read the comic immediately. Symptoms include desire, anxious twitching, and grabby hands. So if you need to wait and read this article right before the release, completely understandable.

1) One thing that I am reluctant to talk about is I have a hope and desire to turn “The Memory Collectors” into an ongoing series.

2) In Issue #2, Ben Templesmith will be doing a 6 -page story written by Ben Murphy. It is an extension of the main story line, it is finished, it looks absolutely phenomenal and I cannot wait for people to see it.

3) In issue #3, one of my great friends, Jason Mote is writing a story that Chris Mitten will be doing the illustrations for. The story definitely adds to the world and I am very excited about it and I’m very excited to have Chris Mitten in the book as well.

4) The character Beatrice, not only in “The Memory Collectors”, but also in “Monocyte”, is based off my wife. People always look at me and say “women do not actually look like that “ I respond, “ actually, that’s how my wife looks.”

5) The basis behind the story of “The Memory Collectors” has to do with a childhood experience I had that has bothered me most of my life and that’s about as far as I am willing to go into it.

The Memory Collectors releases October 2013.

Written by – BreeOgden


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