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[TIFF ’13 Review] ‘Rigor Mortis’ Is Fearless, But Slowwwww….

Our Toronto International Film Festival coverage continues with our review of Juno Mak’s Rigor Mortis, which is said to feature all sorts of creatures when a public housing tenement is plunged into a dark storm of supernatural chaos from the living to the dead, to the undead, along with ghosts, vampires and zombies!

While the film is beautifully made, Mike Pereira says it’s weighed down by its plodding pace. But what really grabbed his attention was the unique story arc, which he begged Hollywood to pay attention to: “Their fearless sensibility is without equal. If only more Hollywood genre pictures would display such high levels of creativity,” he says in his review.

It’s amazing how a film can seemingly have all of the ingredients that make up an engaging piece of entertainment yet still manage to falter,” he adds in shock. “I like a lot of what I saw throughout this picture but the atmospheric build-up sucked the energy out of the picture.

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