These Kids Rock Tool's "46 & 2" Harder Than Most Bands Ever Possibly Could - Bloody Disgusting
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These Kids Rock Tool’s “46 & 2” Harder Than Most Bands Ever Possibly Could



Fact: I’ve actually been playing guitar longer than I’ve been a Tool fan. I started guitar lessons when I was 13 and I only started getting into Tool when I was 16 when a friend of mine bought me a copy of Aenima for my birthday. I don’t know if that has anything to do with the fact that a bunch of kids rocked out the band’s song “46 & 2” with near perfection, but I felt like sharing (and sharing, as well know, is caring).

Below you can watch a video of students of Aaron O’Keefe, who come from various age ranges, rocking out the track. Pay particular attention to the bassist and drummer as they pretty much lose their shit. It’s inspiring to see the younger generation really dive into their instruments and have such a good time. Gives me a wee bit of hope that the music in the coming years won’t be as terrible as history would suggest.

(The reaction of the world as they read that sentence)

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