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[TV] 2.8M People Fell Asleep Watching the “Dexter” Series Finale…

Did 2.8 million people really fall asleep Sunday night watching Showtime’s shockingly disappointing “Dexter” series finale? No, but I can only assume many of them did.

While “Dexter” killed it in the ratings Sunday night, drawing the largest audience ever for a Showtime series (per Variety), the show itself limped to an ominous and extremely boring conclusion.

Still, the series finale of “Dexter” averaged about 2.8 million viewers, according to Nielsen estimates that include same-night DVR playback. This is a 17% rise from last week (2.4 million) and edges out the show’s seventh-season finale of 2.75 million.

Counting its repeat airing late Sunday night, the “Dexter” finale drew 3.3 million viewers — up from the 3.2 million for its eighth-season opener in June.

According to Showtime, “Dexter” is averaging 6.4 million weekly viewers across all platforms, up from last year’s 6.1 million.

I have been a “Dexter” sympathizer for years, but Showtime still found a way to piss me off by neutering Dexter’s metaphorical and literal balls. WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL HAPPENED?! At least we’ll always have the Jon Lithgow season to remember….

While I don’t want to ruin it for the people yet to watch, I am curious as to how many of you liked or disliked it. Speak below!



  • weresmurf

    It was fucking garbage. I share your opinion heartily.

  • zhangniu

    It never ceases to amaze me how thick people are. Is it a surprise that Brad hated the finale? Of course not. Brad appears to have trouble analyzing stories, as noted with his previous reviews of countless other films.

    Be that as it may, it amazes me that the rest of the world can be so thick. First off, I’d like to say, I fully concur that seasons 7-8 were riddled with problems. Season 7 was ineventful, and generally the worst season of the series. Just a rather dull season. Season 8 was better but still had a lot of problems. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t tell you how many times I was screaming at Hannah to cut and/or dye her hair. Yes, both seasons were not the best, and 6 wasn’t a lot better.

    That being said, the finale was damn near perfect. I’m sorry, exactly what was going to be a better ending? Certainly not the Clyde Phillips hogwash I just read about. Sure… I guess that’s… one way to end it. Dexter dies, dexter gets served up JUSTICE!!! How fucking cliche can you be?

    I preferred the more ballsy ending we got. Dexter finally got what he wanted, to be a real person. Then he realized he was destroying the lives of everyone around him by being the narcissistic killer he is. He saw the only 2 people left on the planet he cared about, and removed himself from their lives, so as to hopefully prevent the deterioration of their lives, that was so abundant in literally every other relationship he had on the show. In the end, he was left alone, with no inner monologue. No clever jokes, or one liners. Just a miserable shell of who he was. I thought it was perfect.

    What were we suppose to do.. give the serial killer a HAPPY ending?

    • Danz

      Good to see some reason around here… I’ve heard so many stupid things about that finale…

    • huntermc

      Yeah, I had the same thought about Hannah and her hair. There’s a citywide manhunt for her, as well as a federal marshal and a private detective, and she’s just wandering around on the beach, at the hotel, in the airport, etc.? No wonder she almost got caught.

  • Vampire_Mistress

    I absolutely loved the series finale. it was perfect! The relationship he had with Deb through the whole series, showed that he was a “monster” (according to some) who could love and he LOVED Deb and Harrison. By seeing Deb die, he came to the realization that he causes the people in his life misery so he gives up Harrison so he would have a better life and before anyone goes off on how Hannah is a killer and blah blah blah, she was good to Harrison and she loved him, she would never hurt him.

    By faking his death, he was left all alone with no one to talk to, not even his father or his dark passenger.

    Amazing end to the series!

    • zhangniu

      Glad I’m not the only one.

      • Danz

        With you two, I’ve now met 3 people that liked the finale and with much more reasonable motives than all the nonsense weak ending people wanted.

  • goasklucy

    Couldn’t possibly agree more. This entire season honestly felt like a slap in the face by the writers, a great big “fuck you for wasting the last eight yeas of your life, here’s something we clearly don’t care about to wrap it up for you.”

    They had a cast of characters viewers actually cared about, why write in a handful more to fill space and generate awful plot holes? Completely unnecessary characters in season 8: Masuka’s daughter, Zack, black lady-cop who got sergeant over Quinn, Elway, the US Marshall, coupled with the ‘coup de grace’ story arch of Vogel and Saxon, two of the least likeable characters in the history of television. The series would have made so much more sense and been so much more appropriately wrapped up if they just used the damn LaGuerta thing as Dexter’s undoing. Let Angel be investigating him as his reason he came out of retirement (yeah, he retired last season, remember? neither did the writers apparently). Instead we got a poorly written soap opera (though I doubt even the daytime soap crowd could have enjoyed this).

    On top of entirely superfluous, poorly written characters, we get one of the most insanely plot hole ridden seasons of anything every to land a prime time Showtime slot: Hannah running around Miami unchecked, a US fucking marshal freeing a known felon, Elway sitting on a bus instead of pulling Hannah off to authorities, the entire awful hospital scene (pulling the plugs and casually stealing a body? COME ON), Deb dying to a COMPLICATION?! with the surgery -how fucking lazy can you be?!-, the complete lack of airport security, Dexter magically swimming to shore during a hurricane and making his way off to magic lumberjackland… I could go on all night, and these were mostly from the finale alone.

    I can understand, vaguely, how someone could watch this finale and see it as passable. The rest of the season was garbage, how else could they have wrapped it up? They wrote themselves into a deep, awful abyss of plot holes, poorly written useless characters, and unnecessary melodrama… there was no saving it. It pisses me off because it used to be GREAT. I remember banging out entire seasons of this show in one day, not being able to sleep until the cliffhangers were resolved. Not one moment this entire season even remotely managed to resurrect this feeling.

    Deb’s vegetative state in the finale was an allegory for this series: unresponsive and brain dead, unaware of its viewers, its loved ones. As far as I’m concerned, the last four season have been the writers slowly pulling the plug.

    Good riddance.

    • djblack1313

      goasklucy, VERY VERY VERY well said!!! WORD.FOR.WORD. i agree w/ you.

      no offense to anyone here but those bashing Brad for his views on this show are really off here. anyone defending this season (the finale was just ok-ish) or season 6 i really need to question their taste in things. and this hatred for season 8 isn’t limited to this site. Entertainment Weekly’s website had a long article on why this season was horrid (as well as tons of other reputable sites).

      accept it this formerly awesome show died around season 4 or 5.

  • jussie206

    I have to agree with Vampire Mistress and InfectedbyDevils… I’m seriously sick of everyone bitching about the #Dexter finale. What did they want instead? Dex sailing off into the sunset with Hannah / Harrison / Deb / Quinn / Batista / Masuka / Vogel / Saxon / Ghost Harry instead of a hurricane? Or Clyde Phillips’ (or similar) version which saw him executed for all his sins? If he’d have been caught, tried and executed, chances are Deb would have followed the same fate due to her killing LaGuerta and El Sapo – is that what everyone wanted?

    The writers were never going to make everyone happy with the ending, whichever destiny they’d chosen for Dexter, Deb and co… and yes some of it was completely unrealistic, but this is nothing new to the show – seriously a serial killer gets away with everything Dexter did for so long, when so many people are either onto him, or have been privy to his exploits? Michael C Hall has even commented many times on Dexter’s many superhuman abilities to enable him to elude capture – continuously able to avoid security cameras, scale walls, use his invisibility cloak, fly, survive car wrecks, shall I go on? And no-one complained until after Season 4 – a season which was always going to be difficult to improve on.

    Yes I love Dexter, and may be seeing it through rose-tinted glasses, especially now it’s over, but regardless of whether I’ve been absolutely fixated on the season (Seasons 1, 2 and 4) or just thought it was okay, I’ve always enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that each episode brought. Even when Season 8 didn’t provide the adrenalin rush I’d enjoyed previously, I was invested enough to see it through to the end and while, yes I would have liked to see everyone find out and explore the ramifications of that, I don’t think any ending would have left me completely satisfied.

    Of course I was devastated that Deb had to go, but what else was left for her – a lifetime of guilt for LaGuerta? A few moments grabbed here and there with her on-the-run brother, nephew and his partner who she couldn’t stand? Explaining why, if she and Quinn had gotten back together, he couldn’t join her on her visits to see Dexter? And if it had eventually come out that Dexter really was the Bay Harbour Butcher – what then? She would either have had to go on the run too, leaving her life in Miami behind, or be caught and have to explain and deal with the repercussions of their actions to her colleagues.

    I had no idea how I wanted the show to end… I knew I didn’t want Deb or Dex to die, and I didn’t really want Dex to be caught, but more than that, I just wanted to join the ride and see what happened. Is it ever possible to tie up every character’s story in a TV show? Until anyone dies, in reality or TV Land, nobody’s story is over. And ultimately, I think the ending was more than appropriate, even if I didn’t love that he dropped Deb off in the ocean. I do feel quite comforted that in TV Land, Dexter is still out there – after all, the fans that loved this show, loved Dexter and to see him die would have been like losing a friend or family member (and we already lost Deb!) to those of us that invested so much time in this show.

    And as for Dexter himself? Well, isn’t a life of exile and solitude away from everything he finally realised he could actually love, regardless of whether that’s in a state institution or his own self-imposed prison really the same thing? Yes I know in reality this wouldn’t be the resolution the public would want, BUT THIS IS A TV SHOW, so does it really matter?! Chill out people and just enjoy it for what it was! An exhilarating, fun, scary, poignant, imaginative, fantasy show with an amazing cast of characters, some incredible storylines and the best brother and sister pairing ever!

  • Voorhees83

    Don’t be too sure it’s all over with. Sounds like Showtime is interested in the idea of keeping the series alive. With all the people that are disappointed with the finale, they might want a shot at redemption.

    If they did come out with a season 9 which many doubt will happen, I say they do it right. Now that Dexter is more secluded from his loved ones, he can focus on the job. All his loved ones we’re making him a happy ass. Sounds like a good idea for a season to me.

    • huntermc

      I was just commenting in another thread that rather than a series finale, the final episode felt more like a lead-in to season 9. Without Hannah and Harrison, Dexter can drift from town to town stalking his prey. A new format could breathe fresh life into the series, with Dexter moving from town to town for each story arc, assuming a new identity to get close to his target. New characters could be introduced rather than finding more stupid highjinks to keep Quinn and Batista occupied every season. And there could the drama of the nagging guilt Dexter feels for abandoning his son and Hannah, leading up to a dramatic reunion.

  • LilBastardFromHell

    I kind of like the idea of the ending we got, but the season as a whole was very disappointing. As before mentioned, a lot of introduced characters which just disappeared again and the typical main-plot about another serial killer who ultimately gets defeated.

    “There’s no emoticon for what i’m feeling!”

  • matt.kimmel.9

    I didn’t like the last few seasons very much, and agree that the best place for the series to have ended was with Trinity. But, I liked the finale, even with all the illogical things like stealing Deb’s body and surviving the hurricane. The only thing I would have changed was in the final scene to maybe pan over to a kill room and have the last shot of Dexter with that smirk on his face that we all know and loved from the early seasons


    Worst season, my fiancee and I could not believe how bad it was. Half the season was a freaking love story, so many issues I could list but I wont bother, it was just a terrible job ending a fantastic show!

  • carlos.filipe

    What i imagined was far worst, but Deb was to be killed, not necessarily in this depressive way, more like Rita, in the arms of her brother, but well, kinda did. I imagined this to be one of them, and Dexter running away was perfect for a serial killer. the only big problem with dexter all along was rita was the only shocker death, and Doakes was not a likable character, pissed everyone off by viewing the real dexter, obviously needed to die, Laguerta was a annoying character, also died, no one cared for her, but it was a good ending for her, but to many characters to like not enough shocking deaths.

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