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Take-Two Takes On ‘Manhunt 3’ Petition Site

Now this is interesting. Take-Two, the house of Grand Theft Auto as well as the short-lived and highly controversial stealth horror series Manhunt has filed a dispute over the domain name

The domain was used as a fake snuff site to promote the Manhunt series. Since the series has been dead for some time, a fan decided to take the domain and use it as a petition to get Manhunt 3. Now, Take-Two wants it back.

Why would the publisher go after a domain that no longer serves a purpose and hasn’t been used in years?

I’d like to think it’s because the series will see its tenth anniversary on November 18, and Take-Two wants to use that special date to announce Manhunt 3.

Though, realistically, I really don’t see that happening.

What about you — would you like to see another Manhunt game, even though there’s really no chance it’ll come from Rockstar?

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