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5 Things I Want From A Sequel To ‘Outlast’, The Scariest Game Of 2013!

Developer Red Barrels’ first stab at the horror genre gifted us with the scariest game of the year. Amnesia’s been dethroned, for now, and it’s all because an extremely talented developer made the horror game they wanted to play. Nothing was held back or censored to appeal to a wider demographic. Outlast is a terrifying roller coaster of a game that’s both intelligent and insane, not unlike Richard Trager, whom Miles Upshur has an unfortunate run-in while trying to escape Mount Massive Asylum.

Don’t take this as confirmation that Red Barrels is hard at work on a sequel — there’s been no news of another Outlast, this is entirely hypothetical. If we do get a sequel, and I hope we do, the following is some of what I’d like to see from it.

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  • railridden

    1. Enemies that are actually dangerous. The enemies in the game aren’t very good at killing you, which reduces the tension quite a bit.

    2. Better story. The explanations weren’t clever or convincing. Better to have unanswered questions than poorly answered questions.

    3. Fewer “get knocked out and wake up somewhere else” moments. It’s lazy, and gets tiresome.

    It’s a great game, but there’s plenty of room for improvement imo.

  • Michael Bowser

    Nice work, friend, you bring up a number of valid-enough points…nothing too damning to the game they’ve already made, and rightfully so…it’s a masterpiece-and-a-half, in my humble opinion. What I want out of a sequel to Outlast the most? DIFFERENT LOCATION. DIFFERENT LEAD CHARACTER. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SITUATION. Perhaps a little like they’re doing with the Amnesia series, come to think. All they really need to retain is the shit-scary atmosphere, sneak/run/hide mechanics, Blair Witch-esque nightvision antics and minimal inventory. Aside from that, give us a completely different experience. Here’s hoping it happens, but given the generally positive response from the horror-gaming community, I don’t think we need worry TOO much…

  • Gtbarry

    I like your Ideas. especially the longer campaign. However, they do need to keep some jump scares in the game, as well as the building up on scares. I would actually like more scares though.

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