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Review: ‘Other Dead’ #1

What happens when the zombie outbreak doesn’t start with humans but with animals? Nothing pretty, that’s for sure. “Other Dead” #1 mashes together some truly grotesque imagery. There’s death, sacrifices, strippers, gun toting senile government officials and vomit all in the first issue. This series seems to want gross out its readers more than anything else.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Ortega
ART BY: Qing Ping Mui
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: 25 September 2013

There’s a family with a sick little boy named Tommy. He can’t keep his food down so he throws up. A lot. He’s got a brother, Az, who is in a band that wants to “make it”. Does his band practice? Nope, that’s silly. They raid a duck farm to collect their blood as sacrifice to ensure their success. What could possibly go wrong? Naturally, he has a stripper girlfriend, Justina, who works the lunch shift. This cast of characters reminds me of a 80s horror movie. This first issue feels like the first 20-30 minutes of one of those movies.

Shockingly, the blood ritual has some nasty consequences. Writer Joshua Ortega gives the story a slow burn that rises near the end of this chapter. Artist Qing Ping Mui knows his bloody and outlandish in this issue. When dead animals attack sounds like a Sharknado-like movie premise that I don’t think has been explored before now. Qing Ping Mui knows his animal anatomy as well as soaking things in blood and vomit.

There’s a random throw in of government officials getting involved. I won’t spoil which level of government but I’ve no doubt that will be explored further down the road. I’m hoping it ends in hilariously horrific results. This feels like a grindhouse-type movie in comic form. I’m just not sure if this is the type which I’d stay tuned or change the channel.

3/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady




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